Whatsup gang. I’m here at my studio on a Sunday afternoon.  The place is empty right now so I’m hatching and executing some cool client getting ideas. While I was here a thought popped in my head that made me semi-nauseous: that I haven’t posted on Super-Trainer in nearly a month.

I want you to know that even though a post hasn’t gone up, I’ve still been thinking of you. In fact, last wek when I was at the FITNESS BUSINESS SUMMIT I drafted a post that you will find below. It was crafted around late morning on Saturday, mid conference so it will give you an idea of what I was doing and feeling at the time.

I’m going to send out my full review of the Summit in the Underground Newsletter. I’m planning that one out in my head right now and it should be good. Til then, enjoy the post below.


I’m here at day 2 of Bedros’ FITNESS BUSINESS SUMMIT.  I skipped last year (after all, they let Michael Duivis speak) but did attend to years ago.  This year has been even more impressive. Bedros is at the top of his game, and if you missed this weekend you really lost out, even if you’re not into scumbag internet marketing stuff. This was about way more than that and if you’re not here you’re really losing out.

As I’m writing this I’m a little hung over.  Been catching up with old friends and colleagues and meeting new ones at the hotel bar so I’ve been drinking a little more than I planned.  Craig Ballantyne is talking right now. He’s giving a really honest breakdown about starting an online business than I’ve heard in a while, but it’s pretty much internet marketing 101.

As a reader of this site you know I’ve mastered this shit :-) So right now I have a little bit of time to type up a post for you.  Frank Kern is coming up next. I’m kind of exited because Frank is a legend in the “internet marketing” world. I’ll let you know how his thing went in my post event breakdown.

It’s a small world after all.

Now it’s been a few weeks since I put up a new post. The last post was a Tim Ferris bashing post that went up a few weeks ago.  It’s kind of ironic how things are, beacuse here’s a picture my brother just sent me from a couple of days ago of him with Tim Ferris. He’s at the big SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST conference this week (the biggest media and tech conference in the world – google it) in Texas.

He’s got a few solid contacts in common with Tim so he didn’t run up on him like a crazed fan to get this pic. He also got to hang with Mark Cuban which I guess is probably a good thing.
My brother’s jumped on the latest social media online bubble up to some major online business stuff (not e-books) which maybe I’ll explain later.  He even has Peter Teele, the billionaire investor in facebook, as one of the investors on his projects.

Now if you thought that picture was cool, I have a cooler one for you to check out later in this post.
It’s of me with the two owners of LEBERT INTERNATIONAL, my buddy Marc Lebert and his business partner John. I met them up with them at at the ECA World Summitt at the Marriot Marquis in midtown Manhattan last weekend. This event is one of my first memories in the fitness business. My old buddy CA, who was the first guy that gave me the idea to become a trainer, brought me to this event because he wanted to check out the trade show, and I kind of tagged along. Now years later I’m here as an industry insider, looking for cool stuff to buy for my Studio.

I also wanted to meet Marc Lebert for the first time. Although I’ve talked to Marc a few times, we’ve cross promoted each other, and have been in contact through email, he’s from Canada eh so I’ve never met him in person.
Marc recommended I come check out his booth at the exhibit and him and his biz partner John would give me a good deal on their Lebert stufff (equalizers, stretch straps, buddy system, all tailor made for large group training at my studio).

So after first checking out the full trade show and event floors, I ended up at the LEBERT booth. Seeing them hustling at their booth brought to mind what most people trying to make it with an info or hard product, or fitness business DON’T do, and end up failing.

Their booth was by far the most active at the event.  It was the most fun, active, and had the most business happening at it. These guys and their team were beasts, promoting their products and interacting with guests non-stop.

Although they only break even coming to the event in terms of on site product sales, they built up a lot of goodwill that will be sure to pay off for years to come. It also gives visitors a chance to meet the founders of the product, which is huge.

In case you’re not familiar with Mark’s products, here’s a video of one of them in action:

[youtube -7DcrhFkMkQ nolink]

Going back to my original point, I just wanted to talk a little bit about his product and what it takes to make it succeed, and why so many people that try to make a “passive” income either through a blog, online product, hard product, or systemetized fitness business fail and fall flat on their asses.

The main thing is that when they move away from selling their time for money and seek to make a passive income, they somehow assume that they won’t need to work as hard or as many hours anymore.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Here’s a short list of what it takes, from what I observed of Mark and his business partner John at the trade show and know from my own experience:

– succeeding in a niche business requires you to interact consistently and frequently with your audience
– “passive income” requires active promotion
– your product or service must do what it says
– your product or service must be a remarkable value for what you are charging
– dividing the labor in a business, where you have a business partner who can handle the business side while you handle promotions is a good idea
– growing slowly and steadily is a sound plan
– provide outstanding customer service
– still keep your hands in the business so you know what you’re talking about, and can deliver products that suit your customer’s needs

So consider that my review of the Lebert products, Marc and John’s work at the trade show, and in general how it reflects what you need to make it in the business side of fitness, and what so many trainers do wrong.

I was there making a relatively small purchase of about a thousand dollars, but excellent customer service from the actual owners of a mutlimillion dollar company.  How often do you expect or actual get that?  It’s very rare, and I was impressed.

Me, Marc, and John (sorry so blurry).

Watching these guys hustle and thinking about the hustling I’m doing now, sitting on my studio on a bright and semi-warm Sunday afternoon doing some marketing stuff just reminds me of how much a lot of people don’t get it.

Maybe I’m at fault, because through my sales copy and that of my other scumbag brethren, we may give of the idea that success is easy. I wouldn’t call it easy. Success is sure of a hell of a lot easier than failure, in terms of rewards. It’s easy in the sense that doing the right things bring better results. Following what works and looking for answers will make your road much easier. So will going to events, networking, and buying info products. All of that will make your road eaiser; but that still doesn’t make it easy. Not by a long shot.

Making my original fitness business successful was hard. Starting this site, becoming well known in the industry, and being able to make a lot of money through my computer for the past few years was hard. And I am completely aware that getting my studio at the level I want it will be hard. I know it and expect. No excuses, no complaining, no belly aching about it.  I just know that success is the only option, so I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get it.  And no matter what the cost, it’s sure a hell of lot “easier” on me than failing.

I’ve made some good drinking money in the past by promoting Marc’s products with an affiliate link, but I’m not doing that today. I’m sure you own his products already if you’re a serious trainer. The EQUALIZER for example is commercial grade at priced at only $99. I’ll be outfitting my gym with it and making it a centerpiece of everything I do here.

So not to bash ol Tim Ferris again, but when he talks about having a “muse”, which is a product that makes you a passive income, he kind of missed the mark.  Most people that make a prodcut just so they can surf more don’t make money. But to change the fitness industry and do what you’re passionate about?  That’s a more solid game plan.   SO take that little bro – my picture was way cooler than yours.