In fact, some personal trainers earn a pathetic $8,000 to $15,000 a year. Yet, on the other hand, there are also fitness trainers who are bringing in an average of $42,000 or $65,000 a year. The fact of the matter is: You can make whatever you want in this industry.



If you’ve only completed a high school education and you’re not willing to get a higher degree, you’re going to make less money, plain and simple. If you only want to work part-time because you have other priorities in life, then you’re going to be broke and find your actual opportunities for enjoying your free time are somewhat limited. True satisfaction in life is fleeting if you are not focused on your career and, at the same time, fulfilled by it.

Likewise, there are personal trainers who have the education and the credentials, who work their butts off, but they still fail miserably and have nothing to show for their efforts. These are the trainers who are hung up on STUFF. They need to have 500 pairs of workout attire. They have to drive the fancy Jaguar. These people want to live large and show off their wealth. Yet, their personal relationships and business may suffer because they fail to invest in these other important areas of life.


A third category of broke-ass fitness trainers are hardworking and well-meaning, but business-stupid. They know how to coach people to reach their fitness goals – and yet, their business does not grow because they’ve failed to educate themselves on the basic principles of running a business. They need to understand accounting, marketing and the importance of having a business system down pat. They fail to invest in books, seminars, workshops and cultivating business relationships and therefore, they will never earn top dollar.

Are you one of these people? Do you feel unfulfilled by your current salary? Are you nagged by the suspicion you could be making so much more money? Get your head screwed on straight and prioritize. Start by educating yourself, first and foremost. You cannot be the best if you don’t have a solid foundation. Know everything you possibly can about your industry and about running a business.


Next, cut back on the frivolous expenses in your life, scale back your spending a little and redirect funds back to your business. It takes money to make money. Don’t settle for mediocrity and being broke like all the other fitness trainers out there. Be one of the top notch winners. Find the happiness and sense of accomplishment you know you deserve.