First of all let me share an email that was send to me yesterday.

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Hey Sam, I been receiving newsletter from you, and I have to say that this gym seems to be right for me. This gym seems to have the discipline I need! I’m currently training with someone else, and I paid him in full. I’m starting to feel that he doesn’t put to much focus in our sessions or doesn’t even care.

Ok, now let me explain why I LOOOOVE YOU…

Have you ever had a love and hate relationship.

I do and I have…..

Errrrrr day with my clients.

My clients HATE me because I am hard on them.

I call them out on their BS. I don’t believe in excuses.

The way I see it is this…

They pay me to get in shape. Cuz they couldn’t do it themselves.

So let the MAN do what he does best. Get your behind in shape.

You don’t tell a doctor how to operate do you?

So at first they hate me. (waiting line is in the back)

But after a while when they start looking good and getting
compliments they start to LOOOOOVE me.

(I think my relationship with my wife started that exact same way as well)

I see a pattern here. Hmmmm

Let me AX you a question? (hey AX just sounds much better than ask)

What’s the opposite word for love?

Nope, it ain’t hate…..

You see, when you hate someone you still have to
use energy to hate them.

It’s indifference.

Because when you don’t give a **** then you just don’t give a ****.

Ya dig……

It would be much easier for me not to call out the BS and take their
money and be indifferent.


I love my clients waaaayyyy too much and I believe in them even when
they don’t believe in themselves.

It’s the same approach I use for my daughter.

I don’t want to raise a spoiled child. No Paris Hilton here.

She needs to know and understand work ethic, goal setting and delivering on her promises.

(Although I am convinced she has some special kind of super power over me when she looks up and says DADDY.. UGHHHHHH)

So in conclusion…..

I feed my family by getting YOU in shape. Not signing you up.

You feel me….

As a matter of fact, I been refusing to work with potential clients that I know are not
willing to put in work.

So if you just want to exercise, I suggest going to the park, or buying P90X or some
crap like that.

If you want to transform then reply. Here is the sequence of what will happen.

A) You Sign Up and Bring Your A Game. We take cash, credit, food stamps and government cheese.
B) You Will Hate Me For A While (did I mention there is a long line)
C) You Will Start Getting a Bunch Of Compliments and All Of A Sudden I Will Become Your Best Friend.
D) You Will Then Fall in LOOOOVE With Me
E) A Bunch of Your Friends Sign Up
F) I Will Feed My Growing Family