It’s about two close friends of mine name “Alex”

They are very close in age, ethnicity, background but their mindset couldn’t be different.

One loves to work hard and thrives on adversity. He is very uncomfortable being comfortable.

The other one loves comfort and crumbles in adversity. He will do anything to get back to his comfort zone.

One has a fat bank account, but cringes when he spends a red penney if its not going towards his ultimate goal.

The other has $100 in his bank account but has $300 Dre Beats headphones and $200 pair of fresh new Jordans.

One invests in himself by paying to learn from others who he aspires to be like.

The other invests in material products that do absolutely nothing for his future and thinks hiring a mentor is a waste.

One surfs the internet trying to gain knowledge and read everything about his craft.

The other surfs the Internet looking at what his favorite celebrity is doing.

One is SWOLE.

The other one wants to be SWOLE.

One is a consumer.

The other one is an entrepreneur.

One is a dreamer

Other is a doer.

One learned how to delay gratification at a young age for something better in future.

And the other one never learned delayed gratification and constantly looks for instant gratification with no regards to future.

If you want to live like no other, you have to learn to live like no other.

Which “Alex” Are You?