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I don’t know about you but..

I started my business to call my own shots.

I love the fact that I write my name in the front of the checks and not the back of the checks.

(except my own payroll check, which I sign front and the back. Yes I pay myself a set salary and so should you)

I love the fact that I work when I want, where I want and choose to do business with whom I want.

I love the fact that it’s my sign and my brand outside the building and not someone else’s.

With Fitness Concepts Transformation Center I have created a whole new category.

I don’t compete with “boot camps” and “personal trainers”

I don’t have competition.

They sell features “boot camp”, “semi private training”, “personal training”.

And I sell the end result “TRANSFORMATION”

I love the fact that on my site, I have HUNDREDS of my own testimonials.

(As a fitness professional, if you can’t get your own people in shape and have to use generic corporate before and after pictures there is really no need for your existence)

I love the fact that I can call Groupon/Living social directly, set up my own deal and keep all the front end as well as the back end money.

(I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from just the “front end” and millions from the back end)

Then again, I have never been a follower. I don’t care to “blend” in.

I am a “shot caller” by nature.

I am not afraid to make mistakes.

Mistakes are learning experiences.

Mistakes have caused me to lose a ton of money, but they have also helped me make a ton plus much more ;)

Mistakes have made me who I am today.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and do your own thing.

Be your own boss, call your own shots, make your own mistakes and more
importantly DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the masses.

Your business should be your DNA not someone’s else’s.

And YOU my friend is your only competitive edge.

Blending in with the “masses” is the kiss of death.

The “masses” are broke.

Your boy Sam,