Hey it’s your main man 7-figure Sam,
Real quick….
I need your input and opinion on something.
What Advice Would You Give To A Young Personal Trainer Getting Started
The other day I got an email from a 15 year old kid by
the name of Brian.
Below is the email:

Hi Sam,

I’m 15 years old and plan to eventually start my own personal
training business. I’ll be signing up for my first college courses
during this summer and need to know what you can suggest for the steps
I should take in getting where I need to be as quickly as possible to
get and keep on my feet. Classes I should take, Things I need to keep
in mind. I’m in a really good position to get my life started off
really well but I also don’t have the financial means to waste any
time at all or get a second chance if I mess up so I need to know what
my best approach is.

Please Help,

Let’s help this young fellow get started in this business.