Managing your fitness business is no easy task. You want to strive to have an excellent program BUT you don’t want to be a perfectionist. There is a fine line between perfectionism and excellence. Perfectionism leads to tons of hesitancy and constant worry. Let me be the one to give you the bad news ready: LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS GOING TO BE PERFECT SO DON’T EXPECT YOUR BUSINESS TO BE.

Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean that you have to accept mediocrity in your business. Always STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE

Every business must have a (SOP) Standard Operating Procedure. A Standard Operating Procedure is PARAMOUNT for running a smooth and systematized business. A Standard Operating Procedure is simply a manual with detailed step by step instruction on how to run ever aspect of the business.

One thing that I encourage all my coaching clients do is to have what I call the “10 Commandments”. The 10 commandments is simply a 10 universal rules that are absolutely PARAMOUNT to your business.

Post your 10 commandments in the break room, office, and anywhere the employees hangout.

I encourage you to make your own version of the 10 commandments and share it with us on the comment section below.