What’s Working What’s Not Working
Delivering Clients Results. Duh…. Talking about results but not delivering
Facebook plugin testimonials Static testimonials
Emails Direct Mail/Magazine ad/ Post Cards
Daily Deals (done right) Cold calling/lead boxes/yellow pages
Month to Month agreements/12 month PIF agreement Long term agreements monthly plans
Facebook private groups Not having one
Closed ended specialize programs Open ended generic “boot camp” programs
Results=Referrals Asking for results = desperate mode
Refusing clients if they are not a good fit Taking everyone who throws you the mighty dollar
Being Real and telling it the way it is Being fake and lose trust
Call clients out when they are not following As long as they paying you, look the other way
Clearly explaining your expectations upfront No need, take the credit card and question later
When you say ONLY 20 people mean 20 people Say 20 people but take 50 people (lose trust)
Employees NOT to park their car in customer parking The hell with clients. They are here to workout.
“Subconscious Marketing” In your face marketing
Having a personality Not having one
Making time for PR (public relations) Sit behind the computer all day don’t need to talk
Being present Being anywhere but present
Keep business and life simple Make everything more complicated than it is
Relationship based business Transaction based business
Making legacy Chasing money
Married to a hot chick Married to the business
Look like a trainer Look like you once might have lifted
Work/life/fun balance Always grinding. Always thinking about business
Having SOLID business fundamentals Rely on the latest gimmick/fads
Social proof/social proof and more social proof No social proof/using other peoples social proof