John Spencer Ellis: Smart, funny, ballsy.

Pat Rigsby: Genuine, driven and solid.

Dax Moy: Genuine, caring and fun.

Curtis Mock: Giving, passionate, honest. I mean the adjectives could go on and on.

Rocco Castellano: He is more of a visionary than I think anybody in the fitness industry is.

Alicia Steger: He cares about people. He cares about his clients, his family and helping other fitness professionals to get the best out of them.

Armando Cruz: Sam is probably one of the most caring and helpful people that I’ve met.

Dax Moy: An amazingly caring person.

Carrie Kukuda: He’s just so generous. He’s just giving. He gives to everybody. If anybody needs anything, he’s the man. I mean that’s why I call him Sam the Man. I mean I know other people call him Seven-figure Sam but I like to call him Sam the Man.

Curtis Mock: I guess first of all, the guy is all heart.

Rocco Castellano: I don’t know a nicer, better person to be a guru in the fitness industry.

Neil Venketramen: But at the end of the day, I think he really cares for people and really want to help people.

Pat Rigsby: Man, that guy is nonstop.

Chris McCombs: He’s a Pitbull

Greg Justice: Tenacious.

Carrie Kukuda: He takes action. He is like he gets an idea, he gets something, he’s texting somebody telling somebody what to do. You know, I just love how he just implements.

Chris McCombs: Sam gets up at 3:15 so sometimes it’s kind of a joke. I will be up working at 3:30 texting Sam. I know he just got up. He started the work day and I’m still up to finish my work day.

Greg Justice: Very focused on the outcome and I think he’s results-driven.

Pat Rigsby: If he can glean [0:01:37] [Phonetic] one thing, he’s eager to go out and implement it and build a business and …

John Spencer Ellis: And he’s like a machine. It’s really, really impressive

Neil Venketramen: Very professional in what he does running at 100 miles an hour.

Alicia Steger: I’ve never seen anybody operate the way he does at such a functional level and he gets so much stuff done. He’s hyper-focused and some of the things he comes up with, I think, are completely genius.

John Spencer Ellis: I am completely impressed with the breadth of his knowledge.

Curtis Mock: The man is full of all kinds of integrity.

Leanne Ellington: He’s real. He’s not too good for anybody. He’s willing – he wants to give and help.

Brian Devlin: What you see is what you get. He is an awesome guy, a stand-up guy, an honest guy and he doesn’t mess around, you know. He’s an amazing person to have on your corner.

Alicia Steger: Genuine.

Armando Cruz: Genuine.

Leanne Ellington: He’s such an easy person to like because he’s genuine.

Dax Moy: A very, very authentic person.

Pat Rigsby: Genuine. I think Sam is pretty much what you see is what you get.

Neil Venketramen: Also very straightforward which I really like about Sam.

Rocco Castellano: Well, I consider Sam the godfather and I’m more than happy to be his underboss and consigliere.

Carrie Kukuda: I have to steal this from Dax. He’s a guru. He takes people from the darkness and brings them to the light because that’s what he does.

Chris McCombs: The most ballsiest, the most generous entrepreneur that I know.

Dax Moy: I mean he’s just a real fun guy.

Leanne Ellington: He’s one of my favorite people in the world.

Alicia Steger: One of a kind.

Chris McCombs: If I would say one thing to Sam man, next time we go out man, stop handing me all those pills telling me they’re vitamins. You know what I mean? Because I might end up waking up in an alley somewhere naked not knowing what the hell is going on and you’re telling me I’m taking vitamins, multivitamins and all this kind of stuff. It’s good for my workouts. Sam, you’re the man.

Greg Justice: Sam is 5’7”.

Curtis Mock: But I think 5’5”. That pretty much describes him dead-on.