Hey kids my name is Ryan Dobbs. I have been in fitness for over a decade and I can tell you from expereince that some things do change but the basics of the business is still the same. Trainers fail and burnout in our industry every day and this can all be avoided. We could talk about this forever but today I’m going to give you the most benefial fitness marketing resource you will ever receive. This is so simple but not always easy. In fact this is how I have built my training business to 900k in under 18 months.


Are you in the fitness business? Are you sure? After all what is it that your clients buy. Is it your gym, your workouts, your amazing presentation? Nope, your clients buy into you.

I’m living proof that the little things just dont matter. I’m in a small town in the midwest, my facility is old and yours is probably much nicer, and I have 15 gyms in 5 miles of my location. These are all excuses of why you are not seeing your potential.

You see, If you sell training or bootcamps you sell hope. The fact your clients come to workout has everything to do with the fact your client is buying you.

We are in the people business. Your client believes in you. They believe you have what it takes to show them success where everything else has failed.

Think about this. How else do terrible trainers make money. How is it that the clients don’t always go to the smartest trainer. It has to do with the human element that you give your client in value that no one else can give.

It is essential in your growth that you nuture these relationships and take care of your clients. Hopefully you will have so many that it becomes hard to do. It was easy for me at 60, difficult at 150 and now impossible for 1 person at close to 300.

Being busy is not an excuse. After testing everything imaginable here are the 5 things I do to let your client know you care and that you have their best interests at heart

1. Hellos and Goodbyes plus individual conversation at EVERY workout. You must know and use first names. This is an art form remembering peoples names but speaking to your clients everytime you see them sounds easy but if you have a ton of clients at each session or you have trainers working for you it becomes difficult

2. Free Monthly Seminars – Remember that you have forgotten more than most people know about fitness. Increase your expert status while taking your client away from the fast paced workout session and get to know what they are all about about and get their questions answered. I do mine 2x a month on Saturdays and its always packed.


3. Hand written postcards – People love getting mail especially when it becomes more and more rare. It shows you took time and people remember things like this more than an email. Take your time on these and be personal.

4. Monthly phone call – Obvious right, but this is usually over looked. I call to give them the good news about their measurements each month. This is a great call and a great time to get referrals because the client loves hearing about their progress and is going to tell everyone. Just remind them about your 2 week free referral program!

5. Client lunch – Each week campers to meet me out for lunch. Obviously not all at once, but you do eat everyday right! It is ok to have everyone pay for themselves but this is a great way to build up the team atmosphere and for your clients to get to know you and each other.

Notice I didn’t use twitter, facebook, and email in my tips. I use all these too but I get the most response from the things that most people DON’T DO. Taking the extra step to show you care will create raving fans and a clientele that will stay with you for years, not months.


Ryan owns a one of a kind 10,000 sq ft indoor bootcamp facility in Edmond OK and helps trainers be better business owners at SixFigureFitnessProfessional.com