This is an email that my good friend and coaching client Thomas Furious sent to his list.

He got KILLER response from it. Just wanted to share it with you here on Super Trainer…

Closing Program on Fitness Marketing
Closing Program on Fitness Marketing

The ultimate goal has been to attract and coach the type of individuals that want to create something more than a healthy lifestyle, rather a legacy that can be passed on to others.
We are so happy that you are doing that!  Keep it up :-)

Since 2008 the landscape of the wellness/fitness industry has changed significantly.  Look inside your mailbox and you might find a health club offer for $5 to $20 a month.  With health clubs falling deep in the red and many closing their doors, price wars became inevitable.


Budget Health Clubs:  Since 2008 this market has seen huge growth and the average monthly dues have come down 20% across the nation.  In a few short years a small handful of national chains will own over 60% of the total membership base.


Closing Program on Fitness MarketingWhile the industry continues to cheapen itself, we refuse to join in on the free for all.  Over the past 6 years we have worked relentlessly to provide a service that defied the mindless behavior that health clubs foster.
We push to create an environment and mindset that says strength,conditioning, and transformation isn’t just a workout, it is a philosophy,a practice, and a way of life.
When we see our clients, we see people that are inspired by change and truly want the same for their loved ones.
We want to focus on that a lot more. Quality.  So this means we are no longer offering unlimited training to unqualified applicants.  We are no longer offering FREE trials.


We’re not going to cheapen that experience. You deserve to be around positive, like minded people.  People that come based off of price will leave based off of price and it is not fair to you.  It’s not fair to you when we redirect energy to an individual that doesn’t really care.


You as a Fit Republic Client are grandfathered into your rate.  If in the event you were to leave the Fit Republic after your term, the new rates would apply.


As it stands, there are no Free Trials for Guests.  However, we will designate a bring a friend day which will be Thursdays or Saturdays for New Guests only.
After that an orientation/consultation would be best so that we can really help them get on the right track.  They can register on our website through the register button.
They can then take advantage of our 6 Week Intro with or without a gift card.

We want to create the best experience possible for our YOU!   Tell me how you feel, let me know how we can create a better environment for you.



Thomas Furious Patterson