The other day my real good friends and successful boot camp owners Taryn Landberg and Irma Sandoval stopped by my gym to hang out and chat a bit.

In fitness, business and life in general we all can learn from each other. No one can claim that they know it all especially when they haven’t practiced “their craft” in years.

I often learn just as much from other fitness pro’s as they do from me and that’s NO BS.

I consider myself a lifetime student of fitness business and marketing.

After all, we are the one’s that are in the trenches everyday, testing, tweaking and finding ways to better our business.

Checkout what I learned from Irma and Taryn. As soon as one of their clients wants to cancel their membership they send this out right away in an autoresponder.

They both claim that they usually get 2-3 extra months from that client.

So being a numbers kinda guy like I am…….

Imagine if you get 2.5 extra months out of 60 clients in your boot camp.

That’s 150 extra months and let’s say you charge them $147/month. That’s $22050.00


So guess what I’m jumping on this and I encourage you to do the same ;)

[youtube j1ykMNtzMT8]