This is my boy Justin “Fast Money” Blum. We call him fast money because he can make money fast and boy can he spend it. He is always full of energy (that’s one of many reasons why he is so successful).

He got caught peeing on my house because I wouldn’t give him a key. That’s messes up. If I am not mistaken his accomplice videoing this is none other than Jeff “Sherminator” Sherman. Another good friend and Super-Trainer contributor…….



All I got to say Justin “Fast Money” needs a tan bad. How you live in Vegas and are so white…….

[youtube d4Gv6rVjMRo]

Without further ado,

Here is “Fast Money” Blum

So this is the part where I tell you about me. My past, present and future.

Well hold on to your pants cuz this is going to be some wild shi#….

….Ok let go of your pants ( if u want), I am actually not that exciting J. However, I will say that I personally love being part of the BEST industry on this planet. The fact that I get to help people reach and crush their fitness goals on a daily basis, do it on my own terms and make some pretty good cashola doing it Bomb. The fitness professionals that I have met in the industry are all driven and have the same goals of helping people become better, not just in fitness but in life itself.

Im gonna tell u a little bit about me, and why I am here on this Blog, but I am only going to tell u a little about my business because people who brag and boast too much…suck ! J

I began really loving fitness as a teenager playing sports (football, wrestling) growing up in las Vegas, which is where I was born, raised, and still reside…… IT JUST HIT ME, I ALWAYS THOUGHT I WAS A COOL GUY AND THAT’S WHY EVERY OTHER WEEKEND I GET A CALL THAT SOMEONE IS COMING TO SEE ME.

..ITS NOT ME!! They come to see Vegas? DAMN.

Anyhow, helping my friends in the weight room and after school at the gym was my thing, it was just plain fun and I liked to watch the pain in their eyes for the following days. However, after high school I fell into the booming construction industry here in town and my Passion for fitness started to fall to the “ill get to it later” side of life..

In 2009 after a few rough years in construction I finally got the Ax. This was pretty shitty because I had just had a son a month before. I decided to go after my REAL passion and become a full time person trainer. So I found my local fitness bombshell “ Lisa Maloy” who took me under her wing and taught me everything there was about the technicalities of fitness, and Me , my empty ass bank account, and my very grumpy son jumped right into the biz.

I started my bootcamps in November of 2009 and within 42 days had blown it up to over 6 figures and was laying out details for location number 2. I have used some pretty good marketing tactics and even better referral generating ones. I am currently running my bootcamps with an awesome team, Participating in masterminds with the TOP fitness professionals from all over the world, and Co-creating a new blog, with my good friend Jeff Sherman that will give trainers a way to fully operate and automate everything within their business.“Bootcamp Underground.”

My Goal here on Super-Trainer is to connect with trainers that are in the trenches right now and working to get their business to the next level. I am excited to help Sam and the other contributors of this blog give trainers the tools and systems to become as successful as they allow themselves to be

I look forward to networking and connecting with everyone on this blog .

Justin Blum