Two must TECH tools a Fitness Pro must have.

With all skill sets being similar and you, along with your staff are in great shape, they look and sound professional, plus they deliver stellar results to your customers…it’s time to beef up a few other skill sets while your building your six-figure practice.

More certifications and technical knowledge may be hugely important for many of you at this point, but along with that…marketing and sales will always trump any challenges you have while your test and tweak your way up the fitness professional ladder.

Enclosed are 3 short videos…video one (6:29) describes the two tools and what you can do with them with the remaining holidays of 2011 going into 2012 to generate MOST of your 2012 (first half –year) income . Plus…I forgot to mention the Super bowl, the other non-official holiday in the U.S.

Video two (7:29) then shows you where these tools can be found quickly. There are no affiliate links, I get no commissions from suggesting these to you…but again, until you can outsource things due to the fact you don’t have money coming out of your ears…get these two.

And in video three (10:19) I actually show you in less than 8 minutes how you can build your own sales and offer pages to promote to your list for ALL of your promotions.

These two systems will be paramount when I put them together with an upcoming system that I promise you will also revolutionize how you deliver your “Tribe philosophy” to your members. You will make $300-500 dollars per hour, by yourself and NO staff, NO big studio, NO big overhead and in less time each day. I train 8-!0 hours per week.

Get these two systems now (if you don’t already have them) and watch these important video asap.


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Video #1

Video #2