What did you do yesterday?

Do you have every hour accounted for? Every min? Every Second?

If not then you are not being as productive as you could be!

Some people think if they work longer hours that they are “winning the game”, but in reality it is all about what you get done in the amount of time you allocate to getting shit done.

My top tips for Time Management are:

1) Have a calendar where you schedule out your day the night before, then print out that schedule and have it ready for the morning.

2) Schedule out what times you will check emails, Facebook, etc. and stick to the plan.

3) Stop bullshitting yourself. It’s easy to busy yourself with B.S. “work”, time to hold yourself accountable for what NEEDS to get done. Anything else delegate out.

4) Choose 3 things you will get done each day. Don’t go to bed until you get them done. Simple enough right?

5) Unless you are an internet marketer stop acting like one. If you run a physical facility stop fucking around on the computer and go get your hands dirty!

6) Use an index card for a check list of the 3 things you will get done and put that shit in your pocket. It is awesome to check things off the to do list!

7) Take Facebook off of your cell phone, you will be interrupted every 5 seconds.

8) Hire someone to do your emails for you. This is less expensive than you think, I pay my assistant $12 bucks an hour.

9) Copy people that get a ton of shit done!

10) Get up earlier. If you sleep past 7am you are missing out on some of the most productive time of the day.

11) Upload rescue time on your computer, it will keep track of your activity and hold you accountable.

12) Stop fucking around on the computer, unless you are reading my posts ;-)

There you have it 12 actionable time management tips and tricks. Implement 1 a week, make it a routine, and watch how fast you will become more productive!


Steve Krebs