Ever the prototype Super-Trainer, Chad practices what he preaches ...

Ever the prototype Super-Trainer, Chad practices what he preaches ...

When I started my blog I knew I wanted to show my personality as well as giving fitness advice to people who don’t have a whole lot of time to spend in the gym.

Most of my clients have their own companies or spend a lot of time working and have very little time to spend working out, but still want and need the benefits they’d get it they had 5 or 6 hours to spend in the gym a week.

I knew I could connect with that kind of person because I also only have around 4 hours a week to spend in the gym, but have found a way to get the same benefits as I would if I had more time, actually maybe even greater benefits. My original goal was to come out with an ebook, which is almost completed, but what resulted was a boost in my training business.

I never thought a blog would result in more, even ‘better’ clients, but it’s easy to see how.

The role of a fitness trainer has changed over the years. No longer is anyone just a trainer, they’re also a psychiatrist or life coach in a way. People tell you their problems and you help them find clarity as best you can. There’s more trust given to trainers these days than there ever were, and people want to put their health and fitness goals in the hands of someone they trust.

A blog serves as a way to show people who you are and build that trust before even meeting them.

A trainer used to be summed up by a few things, and some people still feel this way about them, a track suit, a tanning bed and a set of dumbbells. But, if you can show people that you are much more than this, you gain loyal, long-lasting clients without having to spend a whole lot on advertising that may result in fickle clients who are there for a few weeks then leave when they go on vacation.

My site has allowed me to dispel the stereotypical trainer myth, and allow people to see someone they can trust and identify with.

Blogging takes away the barrier for a lot of people. They look at a trainer that’s in good shape and think, “how can he/she relate to me?” A blog can bring people into your world, show what kind of person you are, show what your knowledge base is and provide a sense of trust that regular advertising just can’t do.

At first I didn’t have a clue how to get this done. The training part was easy enough. I had my philosophies, my years of experience and my tried and tested methods to fall back on, but writing in a way that let people in to my life was a completely new concept to me, so I didn’t even think about it.

... and knows how to live the fitness lifestyle!

... and knows how to live the fitness lifestyle!

I just wrote about things that interested me.

The blog wasn’t intended as a booster for my training business, but it has accidentally had that effect. I was able to build this trust through what I was writing that allowed people to hand me their future health and well being, and say, “here, I want to look better, feel more confident and live longer and a feel you are someone that will help me do this.”

What I’ve found with most people, which is something I’ve known about myself for some while, is that they enjoy the benefits of having a great body more than they enjoy actually getting in the gym and getting one, so a lot of what I write about on my site have to do with the benefits of being in great shape, as well as how to get there. I also show people that I was in there position a few years ago and how changing my physique has changed my life for the better.

I hope this helps you build your business like it has mine.

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