No matter how hard you think youre going, theres always a higher level.

No matter how hard you think you’re going, there’s always a higher level.

If you wanted to sum up one idea that Super-Trainer’s about, it’s getting serious about the business side of your training career.  It comes down to stop playing games with how you view your role as a trainer.

We’ve covered in depth and in detail, subjects like having hard conversations, stopping the practice of going to clients homes and making them come to you instead, getting the hell out of the big gym if you still happen to be working in one, and in general, how to be a fierce competitor.

Now I want to talk about your attitude when it comes to everything: how you’re positioning your business, managing your employees, and even judging yourself …

It’s about getting tough.  This article originally appeared in my UNDERGROUND NEWSLETTER.  I sent it out last week and got tons of positive feedback on it, so I wanted to share it with you one more time right here:


When you’re out there in pleasant, quiet society, you’ll notice that people go around being nice, kissing other people’s asses, and  trying their hardest not to step on anyone’s toes.

But looking back on your life and your experiences, are those the people you respect?  I think the answer to that is probably a no.  It’s those that are willing to tell it to you like it is.

At least with me, those are the people that have impacted me the most and that I respect the most.

Let me give you a few examples …

Not ALL teachers are as lame as this guy (only MOST).


Although I consider the years I spent in and out of college a monumental waste of time (I did end up with a degree in biology, which is absolutely useless to me today), there’s one professor I had who’s lessons impact me to this very day.

I had a history professor my freshman year that was a real bastard. He would openly humiliate students for poor performance in front of the entire class.  He would ask questions that would tend to embarrass you if you were an idiot. He would expose you if you didn’t come to class prepared.  And with your papers, he would rip them to shreds; you couldn’t pass his class with the usual B.S. that got you through all the others.  You’d have to work harder to get an A from him on one paper than you’d have to work the entire semester in some other classes.

And you know what?  Among dozens of classes out of years of education, his class was the most valuable to me.

With everything I’ve learned about sales and writing in the years since then, it’s still HIS lessons on critical thinking, style, getting to the point, and telling it like it is that have served me the most.  I’d have to say that all of the writing I do on Super-Trainer and in my newsletters, and the success they’ve had with my programs wouldn’t have been possible or wouldn’t be half as effective without the clear and concise writing ability I picked up from him.

Tough talking accountants?  Now the world has seen everything.


A lot of trainers think they have to be wishy-washy in order for clients to keep coming back to them; I think it’s totally the opposite.  I think the “real-er” you are, the more they’ll respect you.

One professional I continue to pay even though my business needs have grown much larger is my accountant.  I remember it was him years ago that actually had the nerve to call me POOR.  He just came out and said it.

At the time, I was still working my big gym job, and I thought I was living the life – but he didn’t support my fantasy.  At the end of the year, when he did my numbers, he didn’t hesitate to use the “P” word on me.  I have to tell you, there are few things that have impacted me as much as when he said that.

It hit me emotionally.  It pulled me out of my fantasy world and forced me to look very hard at what I was doing in my life.  About how serious I was about making money.  And in less than a year, I was pulling in more than $10,000 a month because of it.

Just because someone likes to use the good stuff, doesnt mean they cant be a role model.


There are a few things I remember about my first boss at Bally’s.   He was on enough Winstrol to kill a small horse.  He probably partied too much. His habit of meeting his more attractive clients for additional “private” training after hours makes you wonder what kind of service they were really paying for …

But he showed me an important lesson about the one and only thing you should view a job at a big gym as: a stepping stone to bigger things in fitness.  That it’s just the first stop on the road to getting to your higher financial goals.

Even though he got the job of manager, he was just biding his time at Bally’s.   He was putting away money, and just a couple of months after I got there, he was gone and had opened his own gym.  But in that short time I learned from him, he made a big impression. He made it clear to me that he didn’t want me around on his staff if I wasn’t man enough to work – if I couldn’t handle being a trainer.  Just through his example, without saying a word, he forced me to get good at this business fast, and once I got good, his example showed me to get the hell out of the big gym and not look back.

Kick boxers have been known to get a little carried away during training.


My whole life, I’ve had an interest in Martial Arts and have studied it in different forms.  But I’ve always been a little disappointed, like it wasn’t intense enough, and thought there should be more.

I realized I was very correct once I got into MUY-THAI with my current coach.  There are no breaks in his classes; he doesn’t care if you’re injured or on the verge of throwing up.  He will not allows you to be lazy or B.S. in his classes.  But you know what?  That is exactly what we want, and  you’ll find his little studio bursting at the seems every single day of the week.

And he somehow manages to combine his hard ass teaching style while at the same time being the nicest guy I’ve ever met (even though he’s left me with deep thigh bruises that have lasted for two months).  It goes to show that what people want out of high level fitness isn’t someone to be nice to them.  What they value most is someone that will take them to the next level.  That won’t sacrifice results for the sake of being “nice”.  Kicking your students hard in the thighs while sparring of course won’t work in all training specialties.  But in my experience, what people are looking for out of this business is greater intensity, no matter what your niche.  By being harder on them, you are giving them precisely what they want.


After Ruthie left, THE REAL WORLD was never the same.

Hope that article helped you out with how you look at yourself and your role as a trainer, coach, leader, or however you define yourself.  Just like they say on that ridiculous show on MTV, sometimes it’s time to “stop being nice, and start being real”.

And since we’re talking about THE UNDERGROUND NEWSLETTER, an issue went out today announcing a special rel-launch promotion of THE NEW SIX-FIGURE TRAINER PROGRAM.  I’ve reprinted it below for readers that may have missed it:

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