Emile: Let’s see if I can find where I’m at. I was on that other map over there. I got the red line. I got the purple line. I got the blue line. I got an orange line. I got four different routes that are all going to take me north in the direction, the general direction of where we want to go.

OK. So here’s one of each and I need to get over here so the blue line is the one I need to take but I need to get off. I need to get on the purple then I need to get on the yellow then I need to connect with this other one. So I’ve got to take four different routes to my goal and my destination. How crazy is that?

OK. So now let me go over here and grab a ticket.

Female Speaker: [Language]

Emile: I have no idea. Don’t even ask me. No, no. I haven’t even used one of these either. No, no. I don’t even know Spanish well enough and I need to figure out how to get a ticket. So now there’s the map that’s taking me to my destination but before I get there, I got to pay the price to get on the train that’s going to take me to my goal.

So now, let’s say I bought that ticket, right? But I didn’t do anything with the ticket. I put the ticket in my pocket and I went home. That’s the equivalent of someone buying a course and never using the course. OK? Let’s see. Let’s pretend I got the ticket. Now I’m getting on the train. I’ll pick out a nice, safe spot here so no one bothers me. Now usually I would have my Kindle, right? I would be on a train headed north. I would be reading with my Kindle so I could sit here and mind my own business. I probably have something. No problem but this is it. There’s the map, bought a ticket. I need to get off the train before the doors close, right?

So the analogy is pretty simple. You’re going to go out there. You’re going to purchase a course. Do anything. Make sure you use it. Make sure that you apply what you learn. You can take a $50 to $100 course or book and when you apply that material, you literally make 10, 100 times value of what you paid but a lot of people don’t think like that. A little course can give you huge returns.

Hey. My name is Emile Jarreau AKA Mr. Fat Loss also known as Joe the Trainer. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what’s going on here in the industry as far as being a fitness professional. A lot of what you see happening is that this guru and that guru are talking about some of the things that will help you grow your business. But let’s say you’re that trainer who just got certified this weekend and you’re getting ready to go out and figure out how you’re going to put it all together for yourself.

You’re getting ready to put that application into one of the big box gyms. Where do you start? I have some really cool ideas about some of the things I did as Joe the Trainer. When I first started out on this journey 20 something years ago, this is way before Facebook, way before most of everything that’s going on in the industry as far as SEO and doing Craigslist posting and going to Meetup.com and doing all of these SEO strategies that are going to optimize your website before all of that so that you can get to that place where you’re making enough financial resources happen for yourself.

You’ve got to put some other things in place first. You’ve got that certification. That’s great but the next step is going to be you figuring out once you get into the big box gym what the plan is. You need to have a map. All right? Get that map. Figure out where you are, where you want to go and then some of the steps that you’re going to need to take in an effort to get to that ultimate goal.

So follow along in this video article that I’m going to put together. I will give you some tools that you can utilize right now real quick, no technology required. All you got to do is just supply a little elbow grease, roll up your sleeves and get busy. All right? So stand by. Let’s go take a look.