It can be a real bummer to have just a few clients at a time when you know you could add so many more people to your schedule. Don’t just sit around moping! There are countless low-cost marketing methods that can grow your business tremendously. Here are a few of my favorite strategies:




  1. Free “Bring A Friend” Day – There’s nothing like peerpressure to inspire referrals! By offering a free “Bring A Friend” promotion, your clients will introduce others to the wonderful world of fitness training. Soon they’ll be hooked and jonesing for your services. When they come, give them the royal treatment and offer a good “new sign up” incentive.
  2. Offer Referral Incentives There are countless things you can offer your clients for referrals. Sometimes trainers offer a free month of services for both parties. Other times, trainers offer a free smoothie or a free gym bag. You basically have to know your clientele and what would appeal to them. If you’re at a high-end fitness club where members pay $200 a month to join, they’re not going to be enticed by a free smoothie, but they might like a referral program where they refer five friends and receive a free iPod, for example.
  3. Hold Seminars to Develop Your Network. Show off your expertise to gym or boot camp patrons, friends and family by holding a seminar on “Easy Ways To Improve Your Diet” or “How To Start A Weight Lifting Program That Burns Off Fat.” Provide useful information and you’ll find some people want to make appointments right on the spot. Give out handouts to every listener so you can make some contacts later as well.
  4. Create A Fitness Newsletter. In the wonderful world of online advertising, a fitness newsletter is gold. On your website and in your practice, give people the opportunity to subscribe to your informative health and fitness newsletter. Talk about the latest fitness products, dieting, weight lifting, motivational quotes and exercise tips. Don’t forget to add information about your personal training business and a special discount for subscribers. This Is The #1 Platform Recommended And Used By Top Fitness Professionals.
  5. Use Referral Business Cards. Give your clients cards for a “Free, No Obligation 2-Week Trial” they can give their friends and family members. You know they’ll love your program, but go the extra mile and offer a $50 sign-up bonus at the end of the trial. You’d be surprised how well this works. 

Sometimes you can snag a few referrals just by being really good to your clients, helping them accomplish their fitness goals, and throwing the idea out there.