What’s up super-trainers, we have here the script Tone Body Boot Camp is using for their past trial members…

check it out…

Hello, may I speak with (name)? Hi! This is (your name) from South Bay Tone Body Bootcamp.  How are you doing today?

I was calling to check and see how you are progressing with your fitness goals since your last fitness program with us. Do you mind if I ask a few questions?
(Ask questions, take notes. Be genuine, smile.)

Example Questions:
– Since your last program with us, Would you say you gain weight, lost or stayed the same? (Ask for details, take notes)
– When was the last time you looked awesome?
– What different fitness programs have you tried since then?
– What would you say is your problem area right now?

Well, I think we may have something that would be perfect for you.

(You’ll talk to them about our Monthly Promotion)

(Sound excited!!!) Right now we are running a (SIX WEEK TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION) where we get serious and completely transform your body in (six weeks).

We’ve discounted it to just ($249 dollars) for the whole (six weeks), before and after pictures, body fat measurements, your customized nutrition plan and all the accountability and support you can take!

We started out with (20) spots and most of them are filled and I have about (100) more calls to go so I’m sure they’ll be gone today.

Would you like me to count you in?

(If No)
Hey (name), No problem, we are always here to help with any fitness related questions you may have. Can we go ahead and add you to our… (newsletter) so you can receive great fitness and nutrition tip on a weekly basis? Great!

– Is this still your correct email address…

Thank you so for your time (name) and we’ll talk soon. Take care. Bye

(If YES)
Great! I just need to confirm some information to secure your spot.

– Is this still your correct email address…

– Is this still your home address…

– What time works best for you (time) or (time)

– What day works best for you (Day) or (Day)

– Great, so I have you down for (Day) at (time), and I’ll send you a conformation email with driving directions to (their email)

– And since I only have a few spots left, which credit card would you like to use to hold your spot… It won’t get charged unless you don’t show up or cancel without give us at least 24 hours notice, in which case there will be a $49 dollar one time charge.

(Confirm everything, congratulate them and tell them you are so glad you called)

– Danny Aguirre