What’s up super-trainers, we have here the script Tone Body Boot Camp is using for their past trial members…

check it out…

Hello, may I speak with (name)? Hi! This is (your name) from South Bay Tone Body Bootcamp. How are you doing today?

I was calling to check and see if you had any questions regarding with how you are progressing with your fitness goals since your weigh in with us. Do you mind if I ask a few questions?
(Ask questions, take notes. Be genuine, smile.)

Example Questions:
– Since your last weigh in with us, Would you say you gain weight, lost or stayed the same? (Ask for details, take notes)
– In your opinion, what might be the causing you to (gain, lose, remain the same)?
– How closely would you say you are following your meal plan?
– How many days to you currently attend our Training Sessions?
– What would you say are your problem areas right now?
Hey (name), Thank you so much for your awesome feedback. This will greatly help Danny improve your program to help you achieve your fitness goals! Danny will be so excited!
Speaking of Danny, I almost forgot to mention that this month, he is committing himself to helping you receive FREE Bootcamp and Product and other Awesome Prizes! Are you interested in hearing all about it?

(You’ll talk to them about our Monthly Promotion)
(Sound excited!!!) Right now we are running a (Bring a Friend Referral Program) where for every friend that you bring, and signs up for a 12 month Program, we give you a free month of Bootcamp! After 8 Referrals…and usually it’s 12 referrals, you will get a complete year FREE! IS THAT AWESOME OR WHAT?!
But that’s not all, if your friends decide they want to do our awesome meal replacement and just 3 sign up for it, you will get your product for FREE! That’s a savings of $100 a month!
Would you like me to count you in?

Great! All you need to do is pick up a few loaded $100 gift cards for your friends and family and let them know that they too can earn FREE Bootcamp and product this month!!

Invite them to come either on Monday or Tuesday, tell them they have an option of choosing a 2 week fat attack program for $47 or a 3 week Rapid Weight loss Program for $59! We will post the details on our Bootcamp Champs Facebook Group Page.

Have them bring a valid credit card and ID, a workout towel, water bottle and show up 15 minutes before our session to register. That’s it!
Would you like me to email you all the details?
– is you current email…?
– do you have any questions for me?

(answer any questions client might have, if you don’t know the answer, tell, “that’s a great question, I will ask Danny and get back to you, through your email.”)

Thank you so much for your time (name), we’ll talk soon. Take care, bye!

– Danny Aguirre