If success leaves clues, here are five vital ones from a boxing legend

The problem I see in the world of fat loss, weight loss or health is that people want to get the most from doing the least. Slick marketing people are targeting people afflicted with the one of the two world rampant epidemics – ” the quick-fix disease” and the “something for nothing disease”.
The key to success in your health and is to empower yourself with the skills and tools necessary to get the results you desire.

The master is the person who in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does in every area of his life. To him he’s always pursuing both so that many people do not whether he is working or playing.

Floyd is not the type of fighter seeking the knockout punch in the first round. He has 17 years’ experience as a professional. He has a great defense: comfortable with avoiding the punches his opponents throw at him and then counter attacking. He enters the ring with a game plan, but if the need arises he is comfortable adapting to a changing environment.

In gyms around the country, there are many people who are members’ for 17 years. Instead of getting 17 years’ experience, they have received one years’ experience 17 times. They have no results from their efforts, they have no game plans for their goals and they have never adapted to their environment to get the result they wanted.

Britain’s Ricky Hatton goes to school in the ring

Mayweather Boxing Gym is all about boxing.

No TV’s or frills and the champ trained in the gym when the temperatures outside were over 100 degrees with no air-conditioning.

The walls are adorned with posters promoting Floyd’s former fights and there are a series of framed photos of great hype, Ricky Hatton, succumbing to the blows of Floyd before hitting the canvas.

This is the chant that reverberated around the gym from Floyd’s supporters during the champ’s training session. Floyd boxed 4 x 10 minute rounds with a very promising young US boxer.

Anyone who has sparred can testify how hard two minutes of sparring is, never mind 10 minutes. He followed this up with heavy bag work, and some pad work. Floyd is extremely fit for his sport and his route to that level of excellence has been through dedicated hard work.

Mayweather Boxing Gym closes down during when the champ trains. The young boxers who are in the gym stop to watch the master in action.

The young boxer’s who are in the gym stop to watch the master in action. Success does leave clues. You will not improve your health or change your body shape and maintain it unless it is accompanied by hard work.

Floyd has built a successful team all around him. He has a massage therapist to keep his muscles limber, a cut man, and his uncle Roger and cousin Dejuane help control his training. He has bodyguards, family and cousins that support him, not hinder him in his journey.

The first thing I noticed about Floyd boxing in the ring was his positive self-talk. While Cuba aimed his punches at the Champs head, he avoided them effortlessly while toying and teasing him. “I’m like ice! I’m so slippery you can’t hit me!” was just a sample of his taunts to his opponent.

Floyd has a good self-image of himself. If you want to change your body shape you must change your internal self-image before you start to change your external self-image.

He see’s the outcome before it happens. He believes in himself.

Can you Visualize your success of your Body Transformation Before it happens?

Floyd positive self-talk feeds his positive dog of willpower and desire, not the negative dog. Whichever dog do you feed will get bigger and stronger and overpower the other one.

What is the language you use to yourself? Do you constantly use words like “try”, “if only”, “can’t”, “never” or “won’t.”

Damien Maher