Most fitness entrepreneurs will say no. Most of us got into the business to help others, or because we love fitness, or had some kind of personal experience that encouraged us to start our own training business. Whatever the reason, making a ton of money was not the initial incentive. But, is there anything wrong with earning a nice income doing something you truly love?


One of the important elements in making the money you want is to understand your strengths and weaknesses and I’m not talking about the ability to push weights or run a 10K triathlon. I’m talking about strengths and weaknesses in running a successful fitness business.


Ask yourself this, “Am I providing enough value to my customers and prospects where they are willing to pay me for it?” There’s nothing greedy about this question. If you truly offer value to people, in any business or career, they will be happy to pay you for it.


So, you need to focus on what you are good at (your strengths) and pay others, assistants or contractors, to do the things you are not good at (your weaknesses). For example, if you are a terrible speller or writer and can pay someone else a reasonable amount to write and edit for you so you can focus on the core of your business (providing a value), then do it.


You see, value is fundamental and if you are not making the money you want then you are not creating enough value. Focus and master what your clients find valuable and devote your time and energy to it. Too many in the industry don’t do this and fail to accomplish the success they desire. Don’t consume yourself with low value interests.


I’m not saying this is easy. You have to get organized and be disciplined and relentlessly focus on developing a value to prospects that is irresistible. You have to make yourself more valuable by educating and acquiring more knowledge, and developing useful contacts, and testing things within your business. The bottom line is you have to do the most valuable tasks you can in order to get the income you want.


Another very important aspect to your success is to surround yourself with people working towards the same goal; successful people with a great attitude. Get rid of those that do nothing but make excuses and cry and whine like babies! The economy is bad and there are a lot of people complaining. These people will not help you earn the income you want.


It is not an easy task to disassociate with every negative person. But if you are serious about prospering than you cannot allow the negativity of others to affect the value you are providing to those who are eagerly waiting.


The ascendancy of association is immensely powerful and an alluring force for gain or loss. Do not minimize the power of it. You should be making yourself more valuable every day, hire those to help you with this task, and positively take advantage of surrounding yourself with an influx of successful entrepreneurs, and then…you will earn the income you desire.



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