Whats up Super-Trainers?!

It’s your boy Steve Krebs back again, ready to drop some knowledge bombs on you….

1) How do I get more paying clients?

2) How do I get more paying clients?

3) How do I get more paying clients?


4) How much did you pay for your turf? hahahaa it’s the truth, sad but true.

The Truth is, lead generation and picking up new clients is important and essential to growing your fitness business but it can become an obsession that makes you forget about the clients that YOU already have. These are the people that feed you, that keep your facility up and running. They already know, love and trust you.

So, what is easier:

1) Trying to cold sell new prospects?


2) Treating your current members like family, getting them amazing results and asking them for referrals?

I choose #2!

Sam makes the comparison of a membership as a tub, “if you constantly fill the tub, but have a hole in the bottom, your tub will never be full.”

I’m not trying to shit all over the importance of quality lead generation, but lets be honest, every freaking fitness business internet marketer prays on your insecurity of bringing in more paying clients with a new B.S. Lead Gen Product a week.

Lets focus on YOUR funnel, or “prospect experience”.

1)You should know how the prospect came to you– was it a referral (better chance of sign up), radio ad, direct mail, group on/deal of the day site, special offer, website, walk-in, or other.

2)The potential member should fill out some sort of waiver/ Par Q– that way you have their contact information. This way if they don’t instantly join, you can follow up! So many fit pros do NOT follow up with people at all. You WILL be surprised how many people will end up coming back in if you just show them you remember them and want to help.

3)Friend them on Facebook, send them a personal email, and a hand written note. This will show the potential member that your facility is different, and you truly care about them.

4)We have slowed down on our email marketing, and ramped up our Facebook gorilla marketing (FREE)! We don’t do any paid Facebook ads, I’m talking about running YOUR typical email marketing through Facebook with personal messages. That shit works like a charm! Remember, they can see your face, and you can see when they look at the message. Creepy I know, but it works better than old school email shizz.

5)Orientation/ Assessment. You better have your training and assessment process on point, but most of all make them feel comfortable and at home during the process. It is intimidating for new clients to come into your facility.

6)Sales. I disagree with most “marketers” on this one. I believe that if you are amazing at what you do, have a ton of social proof, make the member feel at home then you will NEVER have to run through some bullshit sales pitch. I don’t ever want to feel like a used car salesman, either should you. So many fit pros feel uncomfortable selling, my advice is to take the salesmanship out of it, and sell your prospects results. Sell them your passion. That way you will never feel pushy, or uncomfortable presenting your product.

7)Success!!! You have a new member! Now what?
-Shout out on Facebook
-add to your private Facebook membership group and let your current members welcome them
-hand written welcome note signed by all team members
-swag bag (t-shirt, bracelet, welcome packet etc.)

Hopefully that helped you realize some areas that you can improve on, and remember that these are PROVEN and BATTLE TESTED Techniques not theories.
If you have any other questions for me just post them below and I would be happy to help you out!

Pack Life,

Steve Krebs

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