Guest Post By Jim Smith “Smitty”

One of the biggest challenges we face as trainers is to get our clients to understand the truth.  The truth about what it really takes to get the results they want.  Unfortunately, many myths still exist today that work against us every step of the way.

Without a doubt, the myths about core training or “six-pack abs” training are all over the place; YouTube, magazine stories, popular e-books, Facebook, and on and on…

No wonder our clients are confused about what it really takes to get “abs.”  They would rather do hundreds of reps of crunches rather than clean up their diet – because they think they can ‘out train’ the poor nutritional choices they make throughout the day.  When we already know the truth.  Getting six pack abs is a consistent application of good nutrition and training, day in and day out.

And as a trainer, we know the “six-pack ab” look will come with time if they follow your nutritional advice, but we have something much bigger in mind – safety and performance.  We know the core’s role is not about looks, it is about keeping our client’s backs safe and helping them to move big weights and get stronger in the gym.

The problem is, we sometimes move too fast or try to progress our clients before they are ready.  Just throwing core exercises into the workout doesn’t mean we are providing the best service or best programming we can.

That is why Joe DeFranco, world famous strength coach in NJ, and I developed the new Hard:CORE program.  This 3 Disc DVD set with an awesome 80 page manual was made just for you.  It will help you with laying the foundation your clients need to get stronger, build more muscle, and stay safe in the process.  It will also help to make you look like a superstar in their eyes because you know what the by-product of better core strength is?

Hard:CORE is the definitive guide to all things core training and you will be very surprised at the comprehensive, holistic view of the core in this product.  It is way beyond just a bunch of core exercises.  If you are a trainer, PT or strength coach, you owe it to your clients to continuously get better at what you do – Hard:CORE will help!

Jim Smith “Smitty”

Proud Dad and Owner of Diesel Strength & Conditioning