Let me just get straight to the point on this one without bogging you down in fluff.

And quite frankly, I’m positive you have as well; you just may not realize it yet.

Because the journey to success isn’t nearly exclusive to the specific pathway, or paved by the groaning weight of yet another “10 Steps – Just Do This Blueprint” like you’ve been told it is.

I’ve experienced success in this industry at the highest levels; even been called a ‘legend’ (although personally, I don’t buy into the hype).

But my ‘secret formula’ isn’t one of those quotes you can find in a fortune cookie.

Nor is it easy to boil down into “10 Steps”.

Because what I learned 8 years ago while trapped in the abyss of a career going nowhere and the desperate, longing desire to actually find success, proved positively epic in my life…

Success in a mentality; not a blueprint, system or information product.

It does not bring happiness or fulfillment (although the opposite is true).

And heed this one closely: It will never come to you unless you’ve done the internal dialogue, ignored the standard societal reference points and actually taken the time to define it for yourself.

Once you understand this basic pretense, success gushes to you with the force of a raging river and in the absence of having to be chased.

Now, watch this and see exactly what I mean:


Brian Grasso