If you already love fitness, Personal Training is by far the fastest way to make money without a gun.

If you already love fitness, Personal Training is by far the fastest way to make money without a gun.

You know, the original SIX-FIGURE TRAINER MANUAL had some incredible success stories.  I’m humbled by them, but not really surprised.  That might sound arrogant, but when I made that course, I set out to create the most powerful product the personal training industry has ever seen.  In an age when online marketers tell you to make your info product over a weekend, I poured six months of work into those nearly 200 pages.

But who really cares how long I took to write it – all that matters is if it works.  And since that manual was based on the field tested strategies I used to do hundreds of thousands of training revenue in just a few short years in the world’s most competitive training market, New York City, it was able to deliver on everything promised.  You could say I’ve proven, tested, and succeeded at more business models as a personal trainer than anyone else alive.  That’s what that MANUAL reflected, so I think I earned the right to be a little conceited about it :-).

Despite what went into it, I’ve always been a little freaked out about how fast some trainers started seeing results by implementing that program.  I think it’s based mostly on the fact that the book could be used right away, didn’t require learning any new crazy skills, or exerting ridiculous amounts of effort.  You just had to pick the business model that worked for you, act on it, and in many cases, you were already there.

But it’s true that not ALL trainers get fast results.  There’s always something new the ultra high-achievers add to the mix to speed them up.  And on top of that, there have been new trends to hit the industry since the release of the original MANUAL … and from talking to the brightest and the best in the business since the first MANUAL, I’ve learned a few new tricks as well.

I’m putting all of that together in a brand new SIX-FIGURE TRAINER PROGRAM.  It’s got some big shoes to fill so expect it to be something very powerful.

Leading up to the release of the new program, I’m going to share a few things with you this week to get you ready.   I’ll be giving you more details from my own history as a fitness entrepreneur.  You’ll be getting details that I’ve never shared before.  Looking into my successes and failures should give you some excellent perspective to plan your own course, as well as save you years of trial and error yourself.

I’m also going to share with you one weird and pretty amazing success story I got recently from a trainer that achieved six-figures with her training business in a very short time, and she credits it all to THE MANUAL.

And to start things off, I have a gift for you.  I want to give you a taste of the type of results you can expect from having the right information in your hands.  I’m going to give you THE SIX-FIGURE BLUEPRINT.  Although not very long, this is probably as powerful as any program out there on the market.  Take a look at it, and I’d be shocked if you didn’t learn at least a few new ideas to jump your income another 25%, all the way to doubling it in the next couple of months.    To get your free download, just click the image or hit the link below:

Sixty Seven Day Blueprint SmallClick Here To Download The Six-Figure Blueprint

But there’s a catch – I have something I want from you too …

I want to hear what you’re looking for out of THE SIX-FIGURE TRAINER PROGRAM.  What are you looking for out of a mega-course guaranteed to make you six figures?  If you’re a manual owner, let me know what gaps you’re looking to fill in your game plan.  And if you’re new to Super-Trainer and are looking for a complete program to get your training success story started, let me know what you want in it.   I still have time to add new sections to the new PROGRAM, and am depending on your help to once again make history.   So let me know what you want out of THE PROGRAM below.

Talk to you again real soon!