I love America because America stands for something.

America is truly the land of opportunity.

If you can’t make it here then good luck making it anywhere else.

But what I LOVE about America the most is that….

America doesn’t compromise on it’s core values to be popular.

We Americans don’t care if other countries approve of us, we have our own core values and we do what we stand for.

Many people and countries may not agree with America BUT as soon as they get in trouble the first country they call crying for help is America.

Other countries criticize, talk crap and try to ruin America’s reputation.

But guess what….

America is and always will be the greatest country in the world.

The reason people talk crap about America is because we are at the top.

When you’re at the top, you shall and will always be criticized.

Don’t tell me that surprises you.

“Haters” are just a side effect of success.

The term I like to use is describing haters is “extra fans”

These “extra fans” say they can’t stand you but yet they are still watching you very closely.

So as far as I am concerned they don’t hate you, they actually love you ;)

I have written about this before…

The opposite word for love is NOT hate.

The opposite word for love is indifference.

Energy is required to hate someone.

But when you’re indifferent, you’re really done.

So how does that apply to your business and life?



People are going to talk about you regardless.

If you’re trying to please everybody you will end up pleasing nobody.

The only person you need to impress is and always will be yourself.

Stand for what you believe in business and life and never compromise on your beliefs and core values for anyone.

Look here, people criticize Mother Theresa, John F. Kennedy, Gandhi and even JESUS.

What makes you think they are not going to criticize you?

In my business and life, I do what I honestly think is the right thing to do and I don’t care if others approve of it or not.

Bill Cosby said “I don’t know the fastest way to success but they I know the fastest way to failure is trying to please everybody”

When you stand for what you believe and don’t compromise on your values you will get criticized but you will also attract like minded individuals that believe in the same “values” as you do.


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Do they talk crap about me? YES

Do I care? NOPE

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