The Secret to getting “Yes!”
Let’s face it… We are always trying to get people to say “yes!”

As children, we are constantly convincing our parents to let us do stuff…
Does this sound familiar?
•    Can I have Ice Cream?
•    Can I go out?
•    Can I use the car?

That Car Looks Really Familiar. Hmmmmmmm

Then we get older and we start asking questions like:
•    Do you want to go out some time?
•    Will you meet my family?
•    Will you marry me?

Now we are successful business owner and we a constantly asking out client to say “Yes!”

So what is the secret…
I bet if you knew this secret when you were younger, your parents would have let you do more, you would have had more dates, and business would have been more successful.

The secret to getting “Yes!” is simple…
Train you clients to say “yes.”
Would you agree that people are creatures of habit?

Of course we are.
Before you ask a client to purchase a product or service, use this very simple, yet effective technique.
Ask three questions that you know they are going to say “yes” to before you ask the big question.
•    Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing little to no results?
•    Are you sick of wasting time and money on useless products and programs?
•    Are you ready to get the body you want?
Get “your product or service” today and get amazing results like “Successful client’s name!”

I didn’t even tell you what I was selling but you already wanted to buy, didn’t you?
You even clicked on the “Add to Cart” button above, huh?
That is how effective the technique is.

Once the brain is in the habit of saying “Yes”, it becomes difficult to change the habit.

Use the Secret to getting “Yes” technique in your business and watch your profits soar.

Committed to your Success,
Erick Ruiz Salgado “The Ab Pro”