The single most important thing you can with existing and past clients is to stay in touch with them on a regular basis, even if you are not actively working with them.

The success of any personal training business hinges on consistent communication with individuals who can contribute now or in the future to the success of the business. Strong, positive relationships that can benefit everyone involved can help a practice grow quickly.

The moment a client is done with training, their mind become distracted with other concerns, challenges or problems at hand. The biggest challenge for a personal trainer is to maintain positive, enriching contact with clients. This facilitates future transactions and referrals. It enhances patient loyalty and value by establishing a deep and meaningful association. The client knows you recognize them as a human being and not just another number or paycheck for them.

In order to establish this connection, you must keep the clients constantly thinking about the following:

The ‘regular contact’ should not be strategic and self serving, but should

In essence, the contact should be more than just ‘regular contact’, it should be ‘quality contact’.

The truth is, the more ‘quality contact’ you have with a client, the stronger and richer the relationship becomes. Some of the ways to maintain this type of contact include:

Staying in touch with clients once a week using different modes of contact provides the right blend of consistency and quality. With a lower frequency of contact (once a month), chances are that the client may forget about you completely.

Ideally, you want to use a combination of different forms of media for best results.

Continuous communication will always increase the frequency with which clients come back to you.

Regular, enthusiastic and systematic contact should now become a central component of your new marketing strategy. You may find it performs better than traditional, expensive marketing campaigns that lack the ‘continual’ and ‘quality’ connection. You will now surprise people by providing them with a unique, different business experience reinforced with a personal connection unmatched by competitors.



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