The Power of Appreciation

The Power of Appreciation

Posted on 31. Jan, 2012 by in Marketing Fitness

The fitness business industry is beginning to be over saturated with “how to” advice that has no merit, and most likely hasn’t been tested in the real world. It’s not a surprise that our industry mimics the fitness industry itself, especially “as seen on” products. It seems like every week there is a new self proclaimed “guru” spouting off at the mouth about how to gain clients, retain clients, make six figures with a mindset shift, and blah blah blah. The list goes on and on. The questions we need to ask ourselves are, 1) Does this person actually own/run a fitness facility 2) Does this person actually train people 3) Does this person interact with their “clients”.

Personally I’m sick and fucking tired of all the bullshit. I’ve had enough, and that is why Luka and I have started on this path. To create a family. Where we pass along information and strategies that we use every day, in real world applications. We work on our businesses, in our businesses, and still find the time to have a lifestyle that most people dream of. This isn’t braggin, it’s the freaking truth…. Did I mention we both bust our asses training ourselves as well?

There are plenty more words I could use describe what this movement is about, but I would rather you decide for yourself.

So let’s get down to the good stuff.

Running a successful fitness business is more than just showing up. It’s more than just getting your clients amazing results (although if you can’t do this, it’s time to look for another job), it’s more than running tricky marketing ads.

A large part of your success will be based on how appreciated your clients feel. PERIOD! The most beautiful sound in any language is your own name.

Do you truly show appreciation to your clients?

Here is a quick set of questions that will allow you to better serve your clients, for our purposes we will call this the APPRECIATION AUDIT:

1) Do you know every single one of your client’s names? How often do you use their name when they are in your facility?

2) Do you send Thank You cards? Welcome cards? Cards for when they accomplish a goal?

3) Do you call them/ have someone call them to say Thank You? Check up on them when they don’t show up?

4) Do you ALWAYS give referral rewards when a client’s friend signs up? A referral thank you card? Phone call?

5) Do you put on client appreciation events?

6) Do you have a private Facebook group set up just for your clients

7) Do you have a time when clients can sit down with you and just talk without charging them?

8) Do you ask your members/ client’s about their families? Personal Lives?

9) Do you run charity boot camps for causes that matter to your members?


There is just a few, but the list could go on forever.

The point that I’m trying to get across to you is that you MUST appreciate the people who pay your bills, and allow you to live your dreams.

Seven Figure Sam Bakhtiar is my Coach. I got off the phone with him the other day, and INSTANTLY received a call from one of his assistants THANKING ME for being a part of his coaching group. I received an email THANKING ME for joining. It made me feel amazing. It’s POWERFUL, and it is guaranteed to help you grow your business like crazy!

Just remember, there must be a SYSTEM to your appreciation. If you would like a copy of my client appreciation system make sure to leave a comment below, including your email address, and I will send that shit out ASAP!

One more question…..



Steven Krebs and Luka Hocevar

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Kaiser Serajuddin

31. Jan, 2012

Excellent post Steve and Luka. The more I’m on this game, the more I realize it’s about friendship, good feelings, appreciation, respect, and positive emotions – it has so little in reality to do with fitness (although that’s still always the product). This post hits that on the head. And this is what the trainers with the alphabet soup after their names never seem to get.

Sako Yakinian

01. Feb, 2012

Great post guys! Glad you’re calling it how you see it and speaking truth. I agree 100% with you on this subject!

Thanks for the appreciation audit, will get on that right away. Also thank you both for helping me along the way.


02. Feb, 2012

Very solid idea focusing on the client appreciation. I find many gyms and companies do not give the clients enough for there buck and look at them as a way to make money instead of caring about making them happy. a lot of gyms charge and arm and a leg for personal training and then the individual gets put with a trainer who has a weekend course and does not get results or who is just there to work and get paid.


02. Feb, 2012

So very true. Very interested in your system for this.

Rick Streb

02. Feb, 2012

Great information… Thanks! I’ll also take you up on the offer for you client app. system. I’m always looking for new ideas how I can show my clients appreciation.

Rick Streb

02. Feb, 2012

Great information… Thanks! I’ll also take you up on the offer for you client appreciation system. I’m always looking for new ideas how I can show my clients appreciation.


02. Feb, 2012

Awesome info! Realizing more and more that focusing on current clients is the key to growing my business. Looking forward to checking out your client appreciation system as they deserve to be appreciated!


02. Feb, 2012

Wow Great stuff. With over 120 clients it (at times) is work remembering their names but I have cheat sheets close by and it is true when they hear me compliment them on a certain exercise in a group class you can see them stand a little taller and work a little harder. again great stuff
Carl THE Trainer


02. Feb, 2012

My Studio is in a small market less than 10,000 and without appreciation and strong client relationship my business would sink. Thanks for the reminder to stay hyper-focused in this area. Looking forward to seeing your appreciation system.


02. Feb, 2012

I could not agree more.
How can I attain this valuable information?


02. Feb, 2012

Great post! We ALWAYS have to remember our clients are what makes our world go round! Would love to see your system to help generate more ideas.

mike salvietti

02. Feb, 2012

badass post. Ever Since Sam’s Event most of my focus has been on my relationship with my clients and members. i’d love to see how you guys do it and what your system looks like.

Zach Even - Esh

02. Feb, 2012

I JUST posted this stuff on FB in Dax’s page. Man, it ALWAYS works, just be you, be a REAL person and CARE and LOVE those who U train.

Steve Krebs

02. Feb, 2012

Thanks for the kind words everyone!


02. Feb, 2012

Great post! It’s a shame, too many trainers are so focused on the short term and are afraid to invest in their relationship with there clients. It’s the people we work with that make it possible for us to live our dreams.

A few hundred dollars in gift cards, gifts and some time sending thank notes is a small price to pay, to show our clients how much we appreciate them and the referrals they provide…

I can’t wait to see your system


02. Feb, 2012

Great post. This is so true. Today we just did the last month statistics and we’re working against all business recommendations. Last month for marketing we have invested 2% of the gross and we had 40 + new clients. Lots of client appreciation, bring to better retention and referrals. I would love to see your recommendations. Thanks for offering this to us.


03. Feb, 2012

Great post guys. I’d love to see your ways of thanking your clients


03. Feb, 2012

Appreciation is key to having our client refer and come back to work with us. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up but having a system will help.

Here is my email


Steve Krebs

03. Feb, 2012

Just sent it out guys!


03. Feb, 2012

Thanks for the great info Steve-I appreciate you taking the time to write this awesome post.

David Wood

03. Feb, 2012

Good post. Would like to see your


03. Feb, 2012

We just checked our email and haven’t gotten the client appreciation system yet. Perhaps, you can try our other email at Thanks, Steve!


03. Feb, 2012

Thanks I’d like a copy of your client appreciation system


04. Feb, 2012

Great article, thank you very much!!
Would definitely like to get your client appreciation system:


05. Feb, 2012

Awesome post! In trying to get new clients and drum up new business I forgot that the majority of my income was coming from the same client base. Those were the people who were keeping the company a float. It was because they had become raving fans of my bootcamp. If it werent for them I would have to rely on new business each session. I am definitely going to take this and start making sure that my raving fans stay raving fans by appreciating them more. Thanks for the post.


08. Feb, 2012

Hey Steve, I haven’t gotten the client appreciation system yet, is this normal? Here is my mail again:
Thank you very much Steve,

Steve Krebs

10. Feb, 2012

Hey Guys sorry, Just saw these new posts asking for the system! I will send it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

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