Yesterday, after church we decided to head over to Costco to pick up some filet mignon and chicken breasts.

Side Note: Of course you already know that’s not the only thing we bought ;(

Five hundred bucks later…….

As we were walking out, the friendly gentleman standing by the door asked to see our receipt.

He made sure everything checked out and then gave back the receipt.

All of a sudden my little 3 year old daughter yelled “I want a happy face”.

I was a little puzzled….

I looked at my wife and asked “what is she talking about”


She replied “they always draw her a happy face on the receipt”

But this time it didn’t happen…..

And my 3 year old called them out on it.

So what’s that have to do with your Fitness Business?

A heck of a lot.

Your clients have come to expect a certain level of service from you.

Be consistent.

Every minor detail counts.

A business simply can’t thrive being inconsistent.

Now that I think of it, that pretty much applies in everything in life.

We like consistent food.

We like consistent people.

We like consistent employees.

In an inconsistent world people crave consistency.

Your boy Sam,

PS – Have you registered for THIS game changing weekend?