This is a guest blog post by my boy Pat “Good Ole’ Boy” Rigsby of

There are a lot of things that you can do to separate yourself from the competition.

  • Have better programming.
  • Give more personal attention.
  • Guarantee your results.

You can provide more value in dozens of different ways – but honestly, there is one thing that’s easier than all of these.

  • Following up.

There is a common phrase in marketing…’you should follow up until the prospect buys or dies.’

Needless to say – that usually doesn’t happen.

So if you want to separate yourself from everyone else – you can start by following up.

When you meet someone at a networking event, instead of just giving them a business card, get their information and follow up with a personal call.

You probably already have a couple hundred people in your personal network (whether you realize it or not).  Instead of ignoring them until you need something, start making more calls, visiting with people over coffee or lunch and sending more cards & personal emails.

If you’ve been training for a while, you probably have a list of former clients that left when they got busy or their financial situation changed.  Follow up with them and offer them something new.

When you get a lead from a speaking engagement health fair, bridal show, Craigslist ad or Lead Box – or wherever else you’re getting prospects from – you should be following up with them over and over.  Between phone calls, mailers and emails – a couple dozen times per year is about right. Mix up the offers and blend educational information with sales pitches and you’ll convert a bunch of them.

For your current clients – follow up regularly to see how they’re doing and to cultivate relationships that lead to referrals and other opportunities like JV’s, Corporate Fitness Programs and speaking engagements.

Yep – follow up is a business strategy.  A powerful one.  Are you using it?

By Pat “Good Ole’ Boy” Rigsby of