(I just wanted to find a way to fit that word into a blog post).

Marketing is an amazingly effective tool, if you are GREAT AT WHAT YOU DO.

Email Campaigns are helpful, if you are GREAT AT WHAT YOU DO.

Facebook/ Social Media tactics are great, if you are GREAT AT WHAT YOU DO.

So why do so many Personal Trainers, Boot Camp and gym owners put the “cart in front of the horse”?

Most trainers don’t study enough.

Most trainers don’t invest in Coaches.

Most trainers don’t attend seminars/conferences.

Most trainers think they do ENOUGH……..

I attended 12+ events last year, I noticed one thing in common at each event. The MOST SUCCESSFUL people in our industry were in the audience when they weren’t presenting and TAKING NOTES, LISTENING, and LEARNING.

These are EXPERTS in our field like Dax Moy, Seven Figure Sam, Pat Rigsby, Mike Boyle, Eric Cressey, Coach Dos,  Alwynn Cosgrove, and many more…….

 So many people act like they have it all figured out. They don’t need help. They don’t need to improve their TRAINING SKILLS because they watched an episode of The Biggest Loser.

I want to be CRYSTAL FUCKING CLEAR here…… the best marketing tool in the world in a fitness business is GETTING AMAZING RESULTS ON A CONSISTENT BASIS.

How to get better results:

1)Seek out people who are better than you and learn from them!

2)Read training material every day

3)Watch a new training DVD every week

4)Join a mastermind group

5)Attend Hands on Seminars (My boy Rob King has flown all over the world doing this!)

6)NEVER think you have it all figured out

7)Test your training on yourself……

8)Develop an insatiable appetite for information


Stop fucking calling yourself an expert and start acting like one!

Get every single one of your clients results, show them how much you appreciate them, get tangible PROOF of those results and then use that to MARKET THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS!

If you are offended by this post, then you my friend are a full of shit self proclaimed “Expert” and just know one thing….. The Pack is coming for you! ;-)

Boom Bitches,

Steve Krebs