Anytime someone has achieved any degree of success, they get asked what their ‘secret’ is.  I guess that if I had any secret, it would be this formula…

Before becoming a fitness entrepreneur I was a baseball coach. I always had wanted to be a baseball coach.  Loved baseball and still probably read more about baseball than anything other than business stuff today. When I got a chance to coach I bought every book and video that might have a remote chance of helping me improve. Once I quit coaching, I shipped a box with about 2/3 of all that stuff to one of my former players who had gone into coaching…it weighed over 50 lbs.

I traveled to clinics all over the country and worked camps at schools that had programs I wanted to model. Then I put in more hours than I care to remember. In fact, I never took a vacation during my entire coaching career. I figured that I wasn’t going to beat anyone with strategy, I had no experience…I needed to have better systems and work harder at recruiting. That was my only chance.

As far as mistakes go…I didn’t really dwell on losing.  In fact, it usually drove me to get on the phone and start recruiting even harder. 

As a coach … the easiest way to win more games? It’s simple really.  Get better players. The formula worked even better when it came to running our own businesses…

As a business owner – if you have passion for what you’re doing and pour yourself into learning to be better at your craft – you’re going to be successful.

If you love what you do, you’re not watching the clock and putting in the time and effort seems easy.

So there you have it…my Magic Formula. Not much magic to it, but I promise that if you follow it you’ll enjoy the results.



Pat “Good Ole’ Boy” Rigsby
Top Fitness Business Coach, CEO,
Athletic Revolution Franchises