Erick here and I want to share with you a secret to closing a deal with a client. But before I go into the details, I would like to tell you about my grandfather who was very frugal but would never pass up a “good deal.” He would buy products that he didn’t even need simple because he felt that the deal was so good, he couldn’t pass it up. Most people share my grandfathers obsession with finding a “good deal.”

This does not mean you have to give away your products or services. You should always build value in your products or services before you ask for the order. Once you have built sufficient value in your products or services offer them you prices. Your prices should be fair and justified by the value of your products or services. Confidently, ask for the order. Patiently, wait for a response and ask them if they have any questions that you can answer for them. If they seem reluctant or want to think about it, give them “The Just For You Special.”


  • You: “Mrs. Jones, I know you are excited to get started so you can reach your goal of losing 20 pounds before your son’s wedding. Is there anything I have not covered that you have a question about?”
  • Mrs. Jones: “No you explained everything very well. I am just not sure I can afford this right now.”
  • You: “Mrs. Jones, I completely understand. Many people are really watching their budgets lately due to the economy, but you do see the value in our services correct?”
  • Mrs. Jones: “ Yes, I think it is a great deal and I would really like to get started.”
  • You: “Tell you what Mrs. Jones. Normally, I don’t do this but right now we are really trying to hit our numbers for the week, so if you get started today, I am willing to give you this special just for you… But don’t tell anyone Mrs. Jones. I don’t want people asking for this deal. This deal is Just for You.”
  • Mrs. Jones: “Wow! That’s a great deal. Ill do that!” 

This is just an example of how you can use The Just For You Special technique. You can also extend expired specials just for them, but remember to always give them a deadline, whether its this week or today only. When the clients feel you are giving them special treatment, they are more likely to buy. Besides, ever one feels good when they get a “great deal.” You job it to make your clients feel like they just received VIP treatment and were able to get a unique deal.

I hope you found this information helpful.

Erick Salgado