The Future of Personal Training Industry

As more and more people are getting interested in having a healthier and more physically fit body, the demands for personal training services also increases. As years go by, the industry of personal training quickly changes. The biggest changes in the field of personal training are yet to come. We will surely see some major changes in this industry within the next 12 months. These changes will change the way personal trainers make more money and attract more personal training clients. This will also change the way how the personal training business gets done.

So, for the next year, here are my predictions for the fitness and personal training industry.

First of all, more and more personal trainer companies will be starting into business as the demands for personal training will continue to rise.

Second is about the end of the 60 minute session. Since 2001, this is practiced by some personal trainers. Sometimes, good things take time to catch on. Few years ago, more and more trainers are already doing it. If you will offer a one-on-one session with your client, it is a must that it would only be a 30 minute session. The main reason, I can see, why the 60-minute session will end, is because people value their time more than ever. You can also make a lot more profit if you are going to offer 30-minutes session.

Third of my predictions is about personal trainers having multiple streams of income. Information products are among those streams. There are now many personal trainer companies that are taking advantage on this great opportunity. Because technology today is easier than ever, personal trainer companies take advantage by creating and marketing information products. There are many personal trainer companies these days offering video products, multi-media products, audio products and ebooks. This scene will continue next. More and more personal trainer companies will take advantage of this.

In the coming year, more insurance companies will recognize people’s need for preventive measures and will start paying for memberships on personal trainer companies and health clubs. This is my fourth prediction for the personal training industry next year. The insurance companies will regularly do this next year which will benefit the personal trainer companies.

Most businesses are always in search for ways for them to cut the cost of health insurance, improve productivity, improve the satisfaction of their personal trainers and other staff. The programs for corporate wellness will address all these three in the coming year. The personal trainer companies will surely benefit on this. This is my fifth prediction for the personal training industry.


My sixth prediction is about electronic transfer of funds. In my Personal Training course, this is one thing that I have been teaching. I am still surprise why there are still personal trainers who are doing their business in the old fashioned way. However, most personal trainer companies are already adept to the online fund transfer method. The success of personal trainer companies are seen on the way they are able to generate ongoing and recurring income. Because of this, they have reliability and security. They will also have the capital they need to expand their business. Most personal trainer companies have seen the many benefits of this. Electronic fund transfer will dominate in the next year.

Finally, my last prediction is about online generation of clients. Though these options are already utilized today, we can expect it to increase in the coming year. Email marketing, blogging, YouTube and social media sites will help personal trainer companies to generate more personal training clients. Because more customers are now turning to the internet, it would be a lot easier for personal trainers to position themselves as an expert and target their niche market. The good news is that this new marketing type often has low to no cost at all.