Notes from the KBL Mastermind
We’ve just wrapped up an awesome two-days at the KBL mastermind. My brain is brimming with notes and ideas that I’ll be implementing as soon as I get back to Cyprus next week. I’ve summed up some of the best notes I took from the last couple of days so that you can use them to help your business.

Gaining Referrals

  • Referrals should be your largest lead source because you have the most control over it.
  • Instead of copying everyone else who offers the usual “refer a friend for half off”, think about NOT offering a material incentive. This may sound strange, but in reality your clients should want to talk about you and refer people to you because they CAN’T HELP BUT TALK ABOUT YOU – NOT because of an ethical bribe. Your goal is to give as much “WOW” factor that your clients can’t help but bring referrals organically. Reward them with a simple, but heartfelt ‘thank you’, and even some surprise gifts such as a $10 Starbucks card or cinema tickets (not only are these gifts way cheaper than giving a month of training away, but they will be worth more to the client because more thought has gone into them)


The Future of Marketing in 2013 & Beyond

  • Marketing must now come from the INSIDE and grow outwards, instead of the other way around. Get more internal with your marketing because your less-educated competition will now be going into panic mode and trying every external marketing tactic they can find.
    It all starts with giving unconditional love, gratitude and excitement to your current clients and turning them into raving fans. This will create an army of referrals that you won’t be able to stop!
  • If you are still labelling yourself as a ‘personal trainer’ then you have become viewed as a commodity. Re-label yourself as a “fat loss specialist” or an ‘expert’ in whatever niche you are serving. Likewise, if you have labelled your facility as a ‘personal training studio’ or ‘bootcamp’ you are also a commodity in people’s eyes. Consider re-branding your facility as a ‘body-transformation studio’ or something other than a ‘gym’ or ‘fitness facility’.
  • Get your mind away from money and stop seeing a client as just a transaction. Similarly stop seeing yourself as just a salesperson. You are a fitness PROFESSIONAL. That means that you honestly and objectively always give your best professional opinion. If a prospect is not a good fit for your service then tell them so and offer to refer them to another professional you trust. These prospects will admire your honesty, and it will actually make them want to work with you even more. You are not a salesman but a trusted advisor to the people you are trying to help. Do what’s best for them, not for you.
  • ‘Push’ marketing really has to stop from 2013. Instead you need to use ‘attraction marketing’. Make your local prospects WANT to do business with you. How? Simple – you need to be an AWESOME trainer who gets results. If you can’t get results, then unless you get your shit together fast then your time is UP. And that’s why the recession can be a great thing – it cleanses the market of all the wannabe trainers who don’t deserve to be here. No amount of marketing can ever save you if you can’t get results.
  • In 2013 you use ‘Attraction Marketing’ by simply SHOWING what you do, not telling. By proving your results and treating your current clients with HUGE admiration every day the word about you will go viral.
  • You now need to do stuff that will get people talking – big giveaways, unexpected gifts, charity events, something that involves giving without regard for your own gain and has not been done in your area before. 7-Figure Sam is giving away a BMW this year. Other trainers in the KBL have given away a HD TV’s and $10, 000 body-transformation prizes. Just doing that is way cheaper than traditional advertising and will definitely get people talking, don’t you think?
  • To get people to notice your posts and photos on Facebook use a pattern interrupt – it must be a comment or a photo that stops people in their tracks that they do not expect. Top trainer Danny Aguirre has his clients wear scary masks each Friday and they all pose for a photo at the end. Imagine if you saw your friend – who was a client of Danny’s – as well as the rest of his bootcamp all wearing horror masks in a Facebook photo? Wouldn’t THAT grab your attention no matter what you were doing before? That’s a pattern interrupt.


Justin Devonshire

Owner, Bodyshape Bootcamp (Cyprus)