I know for the most part you don’t have to spend much time thinking about what a client is – they’re the person that pays you, simple as that, right?

We’re always talking about how to get more clients, how to charge more, or how to keep them happy. Nothing wrong with that – this a blog for trainers after all …

But have you ever though about what “client” means? There was a neat definition to the word I saw a while back that really blew me away. I always try to keep it in mind. It gives you a very clear idea of what your real responsibilities are as a trainer, and what’s expected out of you as part of this profession.

This definition was put forward by the marketing guru Jay Abraham in his book Get Everything You Can Out of All You Got. Here’s how he defined a client:

Someone under your protection.

Pretty deep huh? Did you ever think about it that way?

I thought Jay’s definition was right on point. When someone comes to a consultant and pays them to handle something, what they’re really seeking out is protection.

This not more true in any other field than Personal Training. The client is looking to you for inspiration – for leadership – to guide them toward their goals. They’re entrusting you with a major part of their lives – their health, appearance, self-esteem, and well being. When you think about it like that, it’s a very big responsibility – it’s one you can’t take lightly.

They are depending on you to take care of them and steer them the right way. There are people everywhere in the world today trying to take advantage of them – it’s your job to shield them from this and give them guidance.

What this says is you can’t think about your clients just in terms of the dollar figure they represent, or what you can get out of them. It makes you think more about the importance and value of what you’re expected to provide.

In my case I always look past the training session to see my true responsibility as a trainer. I think about the new self-image this client will adopt. The increased energy they’ll feel through every minute of their day. The new habit they will master and now incorporate into their life because of me. The huge importance appearance plays in our society. The new way people will treat them. And the self worth they’ll feel after spending time, money, and effort on themselves for a change.

I didn’t always view my job like this, but when you see it happen to enough people you realize how much is riding on you, and it can be a little scary.

If you view your job with this much importance, you’ll realize you’re worth every penny you charge. And you’ll never have have a hard time justifying your rates in your own or your clients’ mind either.

It’s a very powerful self-image to adopt, that of a protector, not just a trainer – I’d highly recommend it!


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