I’ve got a really cool way for you to hike your prices on your current programs that can increase current member retention and bring back past clients. This worked insanely well for many of the trainers who bought our 7-figure e-mail program last year.

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Here’s what you do:

Tell your list that you are going to be hiking your prices in the New Year by $20 a month.

As a limited time offer tell them that the first 20 people who respond to you by a certain date can get in on your program for $20 less per month than current members which will be $40 less than people who procrastinate until the new year.

It works like gang busters, especially since a lot of past clients of yours probably had to stop your program not because they wanted to but because of a cost factor at some point (it happens).



We already have the perfect e-mail campaign for you to set this up in our 7-figure e-mail program which we are re-launching with a few awesome bonuses.


– Michael Salvietti