It’s how you market your product, your service. In the fitness industry, content is crucial because it’s part of what your customers rely on. They want to be supplied with knowledge and information.

So how do you continuously write about fitness and nutrition without running out of ideas and keeping it interesting for your clients? Believe it or not there are great sources right in front of you.

With all the superior technology today you have the tools to deliver your message to current customers and prospects. There’s email, videos, blogs, websites, smart phones, text message, automated phone message, newsletters, and more. We have all this access to get our message to our customers but something stops us. <===== Get Affordable Done For You Content

What is it? You know when you drink something really cold or eat ice cream and you get a “brain freeze”, that’s what sometimes happens with acquiring new content for your fitness business – you’re brain freezes and you get stumped for new information. Yet, what little you realize is the source for content is usually right in front of you. You have a never ending source of information in your customers, prospects, family, friends, and even strangers.

Every day you are involved in some form of communication with asource whether it be in person, the phone, email or overhearing a conversation someplace. These are the sources you need to utilize. Here are some examples of sources to take notice of during your daily activity.

During a client’s training he discusses a past, current or future event that could be a great fitness idea. Maybe the client asks specific questions regarding fitness, nutrition or weight loss/gain. As soon as possible jot this information down. You can also ask the client to email you his question so you may provide him with detailed information.

A current client or prospect emails a question or comment. In answering their question you produce new content. This is the same for a phone conversation. If you’re on the phone make sure you write a note about what is being discussed.

Networking events are great opportunities for gaining new content ideas. Again, quickly write a note or type it in your smart phone/blackberry.

What about when you’re out in public shopping, out to dinner or wherever and you over hear a conversation that relates to fitness. It could be a key word you hear, questions or concerns regarding anything to do with fitness or nutrition. You can type the info in your phone or call and leave yourself a voice mail.
If you are the owner of the fitness facility then train your employees to forward you any questions from current clients or prospects that may be a source for new content.

As you can see, there are great sources right in front of you. You just need to be aware and record the information as quickly as possible. You need a sensible and logically way of filing this information and need to continuously build this file as you can never have enough content.

What do I mean by “filing” the information? You have all these scribbles or notes on paper, in your phone or computer, voice mail messages from clients or yourself, emails, website links, etc. These ideas for future content need to be filed for easy access at a later date.

Come up with a file name, such as “new content file” or whatever name suits you. Create a folder on your computer where you can drop emails, notes you have made, website links, etc. You can also make a physical file in your office which can be used for articles, newsletters, magazines, any physical source.

The important thing with all of this is to get into a habit of recording the content ideas as soon as possible and filing it in your folder. If you try to store these ideas in your memory often times you will forget and a great idea can be lost forever. If you train yourself to always be aware of potential sources and record anything with potential new content, your mind will continue to alert your conscious when new ideas arise. Once this becomes a habit you will start seeing ideas everywhere.

I have provided you with great source opportunities and ideas of how to record and file information, so now what do you do? Decide the name of your new content folder and what it will be (folder on laptop, physical file in office or both) and then get started on the following list:

First and most important, set up the filing system, right now
Enter your first content idea in the folder by the end of the day. In fact, do it now. This will get you in the habit.

Add a new idea every day.

Schedule an allotted amount of time each day and begin using these ideas to create new content. You need to make a regular time on your calendar and ensure there are no distractions so you can focus entirely on content production.

Start writing articles, blogs, newsletters, etc from your new content. If you are too busy or not completely comfortable with writing then forward the content to a writer and have them do the writing for you.

Keep regular communication with your current and potential customers using all forms of technology possible; email, tweets, Facebook, blogs. Keep it updated and always respond to your customers. This will develop a better relationship and a loyalty from your customers.

To be successful in the fitness industry you have to be one step in front of another. You need to be active in producing content for your customers and provide them with the best information possible. Keeping communication with your customers and new prospects will keep your business successful. Be aware and listen to your sources, log the information and produce the content. Make content production a priority and your business will prosper. <===== You One Stop Shop For Quality Content