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I am really baffled at times…

I hear so many so called “fitness marketing gurus” always talk about the latest marketing strategies but never once heard them talk about getting clients RESULTS.

Sure everyone got clients that got results.

And some don’t and just use generic “corporate boot camp” before and after pics.


If you can’t demonstrate getting your own people in shape then you need to go to the tallest building in your town and hang yourself.

OK where was I? Oh yeah the clients that get results.

Those are the easy ones…

You really don’t need to pat yourself on the back for that.

Chances are they would have gotten results without you.

They work hard, follow directions and are willing to do what it takes.

In my businesses and I bet in yours….

We have what we call our A+ clients.

We also have C, D and F clients.

It’s up to me and YOU to help them get their grades up.

Just like the school system, as long as they are willing to do the work, we will do whatever it takes to help them.

And if they are not, well we refer them to other gyms that is interested in their money. We’re not.

Here is a script that I use to get “inside” my clients head when they are failing at our facility. (I know they have kids before I have this conversation)

Me: You have kids?

Client: Yes

Me: How many

Client: Answers

Me: They go to school?

Client: Yes

Me: What kind of grades/effort do you expect of them?

Client: I expect them to give 100% and get A’s and B’s.

Me: So you expect your kids to give 100% effort and get good grades and yet you are FLUNKING at our facility. I want you to lead by example.

Client: Baffled

Me: Just like the school system, we have expectations of our clients. Let me know if you’re willing to put in your part. If not I’ll be happy to refer you to gyms that only care about your monthly billing.