During my tenure within the fitness industry, I placed a premium on marketing.

Selling my business with every strategy I ever learned or could possibly think of.

And I don’t take those aspects of successful business creation lightly.

But let me show you a different side of the marketing success equation for just a minute.

One completely devoid of tactics, schemes or the ever present “Top 10 Just Do This” lists.

Now, this isn’t any sort of emotional, heart-tugging piece; unless you don’t pay attention to the central message.

Because lost in the planning we all do in order to lead generate, create client referrals or spawn multiple sources of income, is a fundamental reality serving the core of every successful fitness business I have ever seen function optimally.

A genuine care for the people you ask to become part of your business community.

And make no mistake – you don’t have clients; you have a community that is reaching out to you for more than just sets, reps and quality exercise.

This is a lesson I learned from my Dad.  Not because he told me, but because he lived this way.

The Art of my Dad’s Success is shown clearly in this video.

And it’s the very reason I have created so much success for myself…


Brian Grasso
“Rockstar Poet”