Whats up Super-Trainers?! It’s your #1 dude Stevie Krebs here

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely F’ing hate losing members!

It probably keeps you up at night thinking about why, like when your high school sweetheart gave you the boot. It just plain old sucks ass!

Even losing one member stings, doesn’t it? The hardest part is coming to the realization that it is our own fault.

SO the question remains “Why” do they leave?

Lack of connection is #1. Why do most people cheat on their significant other? Same reason they leave your business, they just don’t feel appreciated. So many of us get caught up trying to bring in new leads that we forget about the people who pay our bills! Instead of dwelling on losing them, lets focus on the solutions to the problem!


Keep your members engaged and feeling appreciated by:
a) Set up private support groups on Facebook

b) Send personal Facebook messages and emails

c) Crown a client of the month, and be consistent!

d) Be consistent with every part of your member experience. Inconsistency will create an instant disconnect.

e) Know your members! It’s not enough just to provide quality training, you MUST truly know and care about each and every member

f) Create a FAMILY within your business. It’s harder to leave a family then it is to leave your gym.
-Get T-shirts that say” Your Gym Family”
-Address your membership as the “Your Gym Family”
-Do things for them that nobody else does. For example: Send them a birthday card, personalize thank you cards, give them a small gift for no reason, hold an extra session for your members as a bonus.
g) Have a system and schedule of member contact
-Facebook message
-hand written note
-Thank you card
It’s so much easier to make more money from offering people who already know, trust, love you and feel appreciated more of you, then attempting to chase new leads. Show your business FAMILY how much you care on a consistent basis and watch your retention numbers improve!

The Pack for LIFE!

Steve Krebs

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