Hey it’s your boy 7-Figure Sam here,

You know unlike some Guru’s I actually own and operate a 7 Figure personal training business  as well as I own 11 successful boot camp businesses in Southern California and Chicago area. My Chino Hills Personal Trainer location’s website  is www.FitConcepts.com and my Chino Hills Boot Camp location’s website is www.The CampBootCamp.com.

My Chicago Boot Camp  website is www.ChiTownBootCamps.com

So the cool thing is that what I share with you here is exactly what I am doing. I share with you what worked for me and what didn’t . No theory, no hype, just real in the trenches results. Now I am not going to BS you and claim that everything that I touch turns to gold. I’m not going to talk about my house, vacation homes, rental properties, cars, etc….  I’ll leave that others. I am not going to insult your intelligence by telling you that the ONLY way to be successful is to join my coaching program or mastermind. This blog is a platform for fitness professionals  to share ideas. It’s not a self promoting, self hype BS blog that only features the so called “Guru” and how great his/her mastermind students are doing. That’s why Super Trainer has become the #1 fitness marketing blog in the world according to Alexa.com.

OK, without further ado here is the email sequence that I’ll be using next week. Swipe away…..

By the way leave me a comment and let me know how it worked for you.


Holiday: Black Friday
Date of holiday: Friday November 25th

E-mail 1  Monday, November 21st at 5:30am EST (5 days prior):  Subject: Holiday Eating Do’s and Don’ts

With Thanksgiving just 4 days away and the holiday season around the corner I know how hard it is to resist all the celebrative eating and drinking (and the weight gain that comes with it) so I put together an awesome guide to eating during the holidays.

I was going to put this awesome guide on my #blog# but decided to offer it to you only as a subscriber to my e-mail list.

You DON’T have to totally deprive yourself during the holidays but you DO have to have some willpower to say no!

DON’T try to convince yourself that you’re going to eat less after the holiday event therefore it’s ok to eat what you want during the event. You will not have as much motivation to diet once the event has passed.

DO eat less for the 3-5 days leading up to the event. When the event takes place, you’ll look and feel better than you originally expected and you will feel less guilty when you enjoy yourself at the celebration.

DO dress sexy. Wear something tight, do your hair up, put on your highest heels etc. This way you will feel less likely to indulge in a huge dinner.

DON”T drink wine or beer. Go for hard alcohol if you must have something. Why? Because you can nurse a hard drink all night, but with wine and beer there’s a higher chance you will want another.

DO position yourself as far away from the appetizer table as possible.

DON’T sit in front of the TV. What’s on TV this thanksgiving? An awesome football game. What’s in front of the TV? Most likely a table with snacks. If you really want to watch the game then do it standing up or follow the tips #here#

DO bring your own dish to the occasion. Nobody has to know that it’s healthy or low calorie but at least you’ll know how many calories it has and you will have something to snack on.

DO send people home with food if you are hosting a party.

DO sit at the table as far from the unhealthy food options as possible. If you have to keep standing up, putting your drink down and reaching across Aunt Margaret to grab a piece of bread you’re not going to have as many pieces as if it was right in front of you.

Stick to these guidelines and I promise you will keep the weight off while everyone around you gains another 4-8 pounds!

And if you want to actually LOSE weight during the holidays, like many of my personal bootcamp clients are, then check this out…..

On “Black Friday” I’ll be opening up a special bootcamp workout and nutrition plan that will actually help you drop an entire pants size during the holidays without being on a miserable diet….

and the best part is that I’ll be offering it at a RIDICULOUS price. The only catch is that I can only take on 20 people since we currently have a waiting list for most of our bootcamp times. Once these 20 spots are filled, I won’t be able to accept any more people until the New Year so keep your eyes peeled on Friday for this one time deal.

Committed to your health and fitness,

PS – Seriously you DO NOT want to miss this


E-mail 2 Wednesday, November 23rd at 5:30 EST (2 days prior): Subject: Burn Fat With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving, in my opinion, is the best fat loss holiday ever!

Why? Because everyone eats all the unhealthy stuff on Thanksgiving leaving you with a ton of lean turkey, veggies, etc. for the next 3-5 days.

Everyone uses the holidays as an EXCUSE for gaining weight but really you only have about 4 days out of 40 that you’ll be eating poorly.

Enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s but stay focused on your diet and exercise on all other days.

One day to especially focus on is Black Friday as I will be rolling out my special “Black Friday Body Burn” program specifically designed to help you drop a Pants size between Black Friday and New Year’s…..

And… I’m opening it up to the first 20 action takers at an insane discount.

So keep your eyes peeled for this one-time special offer or get stuck possibly gaining 4-8 pounds before the New Year

Committed to your health and fitness,


PS – Do you really want to look BLOATED for the Holidays do you?


E-mail 3 (Day of Holiday early morning): Send this at 12:01AM YOUR TIME Friday.   RE: URGENT Black Friday Sale
*Hey There,

I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving and have enjoyed the tips I gave you this past week.

As promised today is the day I open the doors to my “Black Friday Body Burn” program specifically designed to help you drop a pant size between now and New Year’s.

The first 20 people to respond to this e-mail get the entire 4-week program for only $47. That’s 1/2 the cost of our regular bootcamp program.

The reason I am offering this program at such a ridiculous price is because I don’t want money to keep you from getting the body you deserve.

Unfortunately, after all 20 spots are taken I have to close it up to be fair to my regular clients. So once all 20 spots are taken, this deal is gone forever!

And if you don’t lose a full inch around your waist I’ll refund every penny.

Sound fair enough?

To reserve your spot just reply to this e-mail saying “I WANT IN” and if your one of the first 20 to respond, you’re in!

Yours in Health,


P.S. Why are you still reading you’re going to miss out!!!


E-mail 4 Saturday at 12:01AM   Subject: I’m so sorry ;(

Earlier today I sent you an e-mail about my “Black Friday Body Burn” and only opened it up to 20 people.

After I sent the e-mail I ran out to do some holiday shopping of my own (I’ve got a big family!) and much to my surprise I got home to a bunch of angry e-mails!

Apparently not everyone got the e-mail in time and all 20 spots were filled without some people getting a chance to grab a spot.

I did say the first 20 people to respond would get in but I know how tough it is to lose weight during the holidays, especially without an awesome program like this, so I’m going to let in 10 more people and that’s it.

If you would like to drop a pant size in the next 4 weeks while everyone around you has to exchange the clothes they got on Christmas for a bigger size, then simply reply to this e-mail saying “LET ME IN” and if you’re one of the first 10, you’re in!

Let’s Do This!


PS – Please don’t look BLOATED in your black dress. PLEEEEAAASSSSE


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