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Although there are nuances and debate over the definitive list, the following represents the list most experts agree on.

Note: The word FREE used to be one of the most persuasive words but it’s so overused that many people are skeptical of the claim that something
is for free.

If you have a solid reason to use it then that’s fine, but most people overuse it.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 Most Powerful Words in Marketing.

We all want to know what’s new. That’s where the word “news” is derived from, and again, the news is popular for a good reason. We have to be kept in the loop for matters that are important to us.

This is a powerful word that conjures up deep feelings and emotions in many people. Most people instantly relate to what it means to love and be loved. Love is at the very core of who we are as humans.

Again most normal people want to live happy healthy lives free from sickness, so there is a universal appeal to anything connected with bettering one’s health.

Some people are more skeptical than others, but this word is for the segment of the population that are cautious and don’t easily trust others. When you can provide proof of a claim, you’ll find people flocking to be a part of it. Proof is EXTREMELY powerful.

Adventure and excitement go right alongside discovery. Most people think of themselves as adventurous and open minded, and the word discover reminds them that there’s an exciting secret waiting to be revealed.

The word is complex place and there’s great appeal in simplification. Reassure buyers that they don’t need to be smart to benefit from your solution.

Safety and security go hand in hand, along with reliability. Buyers want to be reassured that their purchase is quality.

There are different elements that can be saved: time, energy, and money. All of them have enormous appeal.

No one wants the embarrassment or frustrations at making a poor buying decision, so the guarantee overcome that obstacle by giving buyers an easy
way out, mentally.

This is the “What’s in it for me” factor. In other words, “if I use this product, what will happen to me and/or my life?” Get the idea? A powerful promise of specific, meaningful results is highly persuasive.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the most persuasive words in marketing.

Print it and use it.

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