Paul: Hey, guys. Paul Reddick here. First video for Super-Trainer.com for my Persian brother from another mother, Seven-Figure Sam. Very happy to be a part of it and looking forward to contributing and helping where I can.

The first video is going to be a little weird because I’m going to talk to you about taking time off because it’s what I’m doing today. One of the most important things we all know as far as becoming fit, building muscle, it doesn’t happen during the exercise. It happens during the recovery and the better you recover, the better you’re energized to come back for the workout, your next workout, and the better your whole training program becomes.

So it is planned out and blocked out on my calendar not only to have complete days where I’m just with family, just doing our family thing. So there’s uninterrupted time with the family but also time that’s during the week normal business time that we just break away completely and do some stuff that’s totally just fun and recovering and getting away from it and actually today is going to be a little act of recovery.

I’m on my way to meet Uncle Mike, Mike Stehle; Smitty, you guys know from Diesel Crew. Possibly Zach Even-Esh is going to be there. I don’t even know if you could see that. We got the surfboard strapped to the top of the car and we’re going to do a little standup paddle boarding and we will probably go out for a couple of hours, get something to eat, hang out, joke around, have a good time and this is a normal work day.

It’s the middle of the day. It’s 11:31 AM and we’re going to take the rest of the day off, not worry about any work and just recover and I always ask coaches and fitness people if Derek Jeter were going to come in to your facility the day after the season and say, “We lost. We didn’t win the World Series. I want to train so hard. I want to show up tomorrow. I want to get a jumpstart and everything. I want to train every morning at 6:00 AM. I want to train a couple of hours everyday and let’s get after it.”

Every trainer in the world, every coach in the world would say, “Dude, first thing you need to do is take a break. You need to take at least a couple of weeks off, two, three weeks off. Just let your body recover from the season.” Even people that work out everyday, we know what happens to them. They burn out. They fatigue and it’s just not a good thing to do.

So this is what we’re doing today is four of us are taking a recovery day to kind of bounce back and then we know when we take more of these recovery days, we come back tomorrow better, more energized and more focused.

So maybe we will get a little bit of video. This will be Smitty’s first time on a paddleboard and he doesn’t even know he’s doing it, which is even more awesome and me and Uncle Mike have decided that we’re going to just try and do our best to humiliate him as much as we can and capture as much of it on video as possible. But I love Smitty. He’s a great friend of mine but nevertheless, that’s what good friends are for, right? Complete embarrassment.

So hopefully we get some video of it. Definitely we get some video of Smitty stuffing himself into a wet suit which just the thought of that is going to haunt my every dream but we will see.

So lesson, first video of Super-Trainer, take some time off. Recover. Relax. Repair. Re-energize. Refocus. Spend time with your friends. Enjoy yourself. Go eat some bad food for a change. Life is too short to be perfect all the time and as we know, as coaches and trainers, we know that the more time we take to recover and the better that recovery time is, the better we come back to our workouts and to our activities. So thanks a lot guys.

All right. Hold on. Hold on.

Male Speaker: I got two cameras going in one time.

Paul: Hold on.

Smitty: Can we see?

Paul: No. Hold on. Hold on.

Male Speaker: He has got to be initiated. All right. We got to get a close up of this.

Smitty: I’m getting really scared right now.

Paul: You got really covered.

Male Speaker: Look at this. Look at this. This is what we have to do with really white dudes.

Paul: This is how the cool kids …

Male Speaker: This is what white guys do.

Smitty: The cool kids.

Male Speaker: The cool white kids.

Smitty: When are we going to be them?

Paul: You’re with them right now.

Male Speaker: In about …

Paul: Dude, you look awesome. Look at you.

Male Speaker: He has got his war paint on. He’s ready.

Paul: Oh, it’s so good.

Smitty: [0:04:41] [Inaudible]

Male Speaker: Wherever you want.

Smitty: A body bag next to me?

Male Speaker: All right. Here’s your phone. It’s still going. All right. We will be back for more footage.

Paul: Get your war face.

Smitty: Ahhh!

Paul: Smitty.

Smitty: Yes, sir.

Paul: You survived. Break it down for us, man. What happened?

Smitty: So …

Paul: We’re doing a little Mexicali. We got legend Uncle Mike. So a couple of strokes with death.

Smitty: Well the first thing I noticed was the zinc oxide was yellow.

Mike: Here it is. It’s there?

Paul: Still there.

Smitty: It’s never coming off …

[Crosstalk] [0:05:26]

Smitty: It was amazing. I went out to the beach. Well I figured we were doing swimming off the buoys and swimming back and running sprints. I didn’t know what was going on. I had paddleboards out there and went out and what amazed me was how much of a workout it was. Like even just sitting on it, you’re paddling, like [Indiscernible] and we got caught in a riptide and going through the jagged rocks.

Paul: The white light came through.

Smitty: There were sharks everywhere. I was like these guys are crazy and Uncle Mike battling sharks with the paddle and can be [Indiscernible] for that at some point.

Paul: Yeah, yeah.

Smitty: It was amazing. Those guys saved my life. They paddled me out of the riptide.

Paul: And I almost saved you from getting annihilated from the wave.

Smitty: Yeah, and I stood up and I was like paddling all over the ocean and actually I didn’t stand up.

Paul: You did.

Smitty: I got …

Mike: He got up.

Paul: Yeah. That’s us and here we go. More fuel, more fuel. All right. All right.

Smitty: Good.

Paul: Hey. Where’s Zach Even-Esh?

Smitty: Where is he? He finally [0:06:36] [Indiscernible] somewhere.

Paul: Yeah.

Smitty: He’s getting ready for …

Paul: He’s not here.

Smitty: Getting ready for the conference.

Paul: Getting ready for the conference.

Smitty: And I wish he was here but we will see him tomorrow same time, all weekend.

Paul: So you’re only like an hour into relaxation day. How relaxed are you?

Smitty: I’m almost 50 percent relaxed, almost. I swallowed about a gallon of ocean.

Paul: It’s good for you. It’s like the hot …

Mike: I was wondering why the ocean was getting [Indiscernible].

Smitty: Is [Indiscernible] fish protein? I don’t …

Paul: Yes, total protein.

Smitty: So yeah. So I’m Paleo right now.

Paul: All right. And you’re ready to do it again?

Smitty: Ready to do it again. It was fun.

Paul: All right, brother.

Smitty: Thank you.