We just offered an “accountability” program in our boot camp business that brought in an extra $3500/month

My evil genius partner Alejandra “Colombian Assassin” font is the mastermind behind this.

This might/might not work for your business.

Thought I share it with you anyway ;)

Email #1

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for all the great feedback regarding
our new home in Chino. All our Rancho brothers and
sisters are welcome to come out and join us for a session
anytime! We get a lot of visitors from Rancho especially
on Saturdays; we’d love to see all of you!

SO this Saturday is the big day for myself and the other
girls in the Bikini Squad. We have been pushing it for a solid
9 weeks and we are ready to step on stage in just a few more days.
You’ve probably all noticed a tremendous change in our physique
over the past several weeks.

I can tell you the only reason I push
myself this hard is because I’m following a PLAN, it’s so much
easier that way….and that is exactly what the Trainer Accountability Program
is, a road map to get you from point A to point B.

As promised, I have all the details on new program.
I posted the information on Facebook about 45 min ago and I already
have a list going for some of the trainers!! Hurry up and http://alejandrafont.com/the-camp-trainer-accountability-program-details/ this
video and respond to my e-mail indicating what trainer you wish to work with.

http://alejandrafont.com/the-camp-trainer-accountability-program-details/ to get all the details

Also, mark your calendar; we are also having our next nutrition class on Wednesday, October 24 at 6pm in Chino.

Thanks so much guys and see you at The Camp!


Email #2 (2 days later)

Hey There,

LOTS of interest in the Trainer Accountability Program…
I see you guys love a little friendly competition.
Remember to send me an email if you want to participate.
Even if you had already put your name on the list at
The Camp we still need a confirming email from you!

If you’re unsure that our program works…check out the Bikini Squad after
9 weeks of training at The Camp. Click here http://alejandrafont.com/the-camp-bootcamp-chino-bikini-squad-just-a-few-days/

Below is a recap of the program:

1. Each trainer serves as an accountability partner and motivator for 5 regulars in your class.

2. Trainer will help set Campers 6 week fitness goals and ensure they achieve it. Trainer may recommend additional workouts outside of The Camp depending on the camper’s goals. Trainer will help you to devise a nutrition plan to get you results.

3. Trainers will have daily contact with campers either by text, phone, email and facebook or in person.

4. Campers are provided a food and workout log, they will need to turn into trainer on a weekly basis.

5. Initial weigh in, measurements and body fat testing at the beginning of the program and the final at the end of the program. Weigh ins are done on a weekly basis.

6. Cost to Camper’s is $97 for the 6 weeks of being held accountable to the trainer and team (this is in addition to their regular monthly fees).

7. Winning team will be determined based on percentage of total weight lost of the team. All body measurements will be taken again at the end of the 6 weeks for your records.

8. Winning team, gets a HOT BOD! Prizes will also be given based on the team member and the trainer and indicative of personalities and struggles and triumphs during the 6 weeks. The purpose of forming teams is to build relationships and
help each other…hopefully you guys all end up as friends and workout partners.

Questions??? Please ask!!

Check out a little video The Camp’s Bikini Squad
did at our Lien Bikini Body photo shoot http://alejandrafont.com/the-camp-bootcamp-chino-bikini-squad-just-a-few-days/!

click here http://alejandrafont.com/the-camp-bootcamp-chino-bikini-squad-just-a-few-days/

Thanks so much and see you at The Camp.