One thing that always comes up here is time management. There is only so many hours in our busy work days and we have to learn to maximise our time so that we can keep making money and keeping clients happy.

The main trap for most trainers seems to be facebook and twitter. We all can spend a bit too long on each of these social media outlets thinking we are maximise our time when really we are wasting it.

But what about fitness/marketing blogs? If you are like me and have a range of fitness and marketing blogs you follow it is pretty simple to get lost for a few hours reading other trainers thoughts on training and client attraction.

For those of you who aren’t sure of what this it is a collection of your “feeds” in one place. This comes handy as it saves you time checking and remembering 30 different sites for updates.

This is made even easier through a nice little app for the iphone called “FeedlerRSS” (and yes it is an iphone app cos its better than a droid) which means I can check my blogs while on the go. Hell half the time I check them over my breakfast and have my hit by the time im out of the pjs which saves a hell of a lot of time on the internet.

Cut down on your time online today, look for a handy app for your smartphone or alternatively use google reader linked to your gmail account and check it once a day from your laptop.

Odhran McCorry