Hey Super Trainer…

Sorry I have been absent from sending regular emails.

As many of you all know, Super Trainer and consulting the fitness industry is my “hobby income”.

I do it to give back to the industry, learn from others and “supplement my income”

I’ve been extremely busy with opening opening our 6th and now 7th location.


My company is been growing exponentially (hence less time for emails) and I owe it to all to God, my awesome clients, partners and co workers.

Today, I want to share a quick real life story with you that I think will help you BIG time in your business in the long haul.

About a year ago, a couple walked in at my facility, as I was getting ready to leave my office. (my 3 year old had a dance recital)

Nobody was around and they wanted a tour.

So, I obliged.

I was giving this couple a tour and the whole time the husband was asking me questions like

“How much is it”

“What kind of deal can I get”

“What specials do you have”

“We are looking at other facilities as well”

He also mentioned that he was a general manager at the local Nissan Dealership.

So it was poor lil me VS the shark car sales man. UGH

I knew that I wouldn’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell negotiating with a SHARK. (Jorge I hope you don’t read this email)

familySo, I used the same tactic that help me land THE BIGGEST DEAL OF MY LIFE. ==> My wife

I acted like I was too busy (and I was)…

I said “I am sorry I have to leave now but feel free to come in and try it out next week and see if it’s the right gym for you”

I didn’t have them fill out paperwork NOTHING.

The next day at 4am when I was working out they came in and did cardio.

I casually waved to them and then proceeded to workout. (again same technique that landed my wife)

Never approached them to say what they expected me to say. The same old “so you’re ready to sign up”

That reeks of desperation.

This pattern then continued for another 3 days.

On the fourth day, they came to my office (by themselves) and were ready to sign up.

They didn’t ask for a discount, deal NOTHING.

As a matter of fact, they BOTH bought our most expensive package and now are one of our best clients.

Conclusion: In business, just like dating nobody wants to deal with a desperate person.

Don’t be that pushy guy in the club who gets smacked because he is trying too hard.

Be that cool dude, that takes her home. (in this case closes them)


PS – Want me to help you blow up your business?===> LET’S SCHEDULE A CALL